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Allo Traveller was created by travel lovers who were frustrated about the low quality of self serving travel information found online.

Welcome! My name is khan and I'm one of those mellennials that has traveled to serveral destinations and probably give more care to his travel plans than most travel enthusiast out there.

And when my trips started having much setbacks, I decided to dive into travel ideas and tips to understand how I could help my travel experiences.

That's when I realised the vast range of quality travel information online.

From excellent human grade travel ideas to tips you won't suggest for your enemy.

After trying out dozens of travel tips and with the help of some travel experts, we've finally managed to solve most of the travel setbacks and as you can see on the photo we're cruising nicely!

But during our journey, while participating in many online discussions, we realised that milions of travelers are facing all kind of travel setbacks with both destinations and planning. And most of the information found on the internet is not exactly from first hand experience or fact checked and that was a serious issue for me.

I qualify as a travel expert that can give you in-depth, factual information about the traveling and I'm a seasoned publisher that is experienced in building editorial teams that together with myself are legally qualified to offer travel advice for your next travel destination and that is just what I did with Allo Traveller.
              All the content we publish on this site has been written or oversen by qualified travel experts or travel Saavy.

For this project I wanted to try and put together the content I could never find online when I was trying to solve my travel setbacks.

I hope to succeed in this mission. I will give it my best shot because I know your travel experience is important to you as cruising is to me.

What to do now?

If you are here it means you are looking to improve your travel experience either for travel health or just to make your traveling a joyful experience.

The good news is we've prepared everything to help you achieve your travel goals. So from here you can visit our:

Travel Tips page

We hope that you enjoy the content we've worked so hard to put together, and if you have any suggestions to make this site better we'll like to hear them today!

The Allo Traveller Team