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Finding A Job In The US As A Foreigner

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If you are hoping to find a job in the US as a foreigner, then this step by step guide will walk you through all you need to know before you begin your search. Many years ago, most people faced the challenge of gaining work experience in the United States for a year or more. After doing some research, you will realized that you can only work in the United States as a foreigner with a US work visa. To get the prestigious US work visa, you will have to first find a US job. Therefore, postponing your US work visa request until you find a US job is the way to go!

If you want to enter the United States for work purposes as a foreigner, you must first find a job. Then you need to find a sponsor for your work visa. When finished, you can move to the United States. In this guide you will learn how to find work in the United States that offers appropriate Visa sponsorship for your situation, your profile, your citizenship and your expectations.

Let's see how you can get a US job as a foreigner

Is it easy to find work in the United States as a foreigner?

There are several troubles you may encounter; With so many people in the United States looking for work, entry rules and reasons have become very strict. In most experiences, several people tend to face these 4 major difficulties:

Difficulty one

The US company employer wants to hire you, but tells you that he can't hire you just before you collect a US work visa. This can be very challenging since you need a job to get a work visa!

Difficulty two

You will find the job of your dreams. The company employer tells you that you cannot or don’t want to sponsor your US work visa. Most employers may be willing to hirer you but may not be able or willing to pay for your work visa!

Difficulty three

You cannot connect with an employer! You cannot even get an answer from the employers. This can be very challenging as you need your exployer to walk you through the company's sponsorship program.

Difficulty four

Last but not least, you may have many interviews, and if you do not announce your lack US work visa prior to the interviews, you may not receive a response from your job interviewer.

Finding a job in the United States as a foreigner is not easy, right?

In each of these four cases, you will get nothing! In fact, 90% of searches for jobs in US a foreigner ends in total failures. and these search failures are caused by mistakes. And if the difficulties mentioned above arise, the following errors may have been made:

Applying for a job in US without targeting

Before you even think about writing your CV for a job in US and applying for vacancies in United States companies, you must choose the specific vacancy and the company you want.

So now let’s explain how you get your dream job in US plus free US work VISA...

But focusing on jobs in your area of expertise is not enough! You must understand that up to 5% of US companies can sponsor you for a work visa. Perhaps even less, depending on the situation, profile and job opportunities.

First, you will have to examine what you want and what you will be getting if hired, depending on your situation, your profile and your expectations. This is the basis of any finding your American dream job.

On this basis, you can create your US job application, get in touch with the right US company and communicate with them effectively.

But before continuing, it's very important for you to know that; What you want may not be what you will get. You may want to believe it now rather than later because it can damage or challenge your expectations when you don't find what you expected in your dream US job.

Obtaining a US work visa does not mean that you get rich or that you need to have lived in the United States for a life time. What you may find is the reality of the current market in the United States. You may not like it and if your profile and expectations do not fit in this market, it will seem very disappointing.

Prepare to adapt your expectations

If you do not accept reality and do not want to change your expectations, you can only rely on your decisions. In the end the choice is yours. You must remember that it is after all  your life and future. We recommend the choice to live in the United States, adapt and you will soon be living a fantastic life there, given that the US is the land of opportunities.

But you do not have to rely on luck. You have to verified your expectations for your US job and be ready accepted reality should there be any changes.

If you are not ready for such a big step, now is the time to seriously think so you do not misunderstand what the American dream really is. Once you understood the American dream the United States may be the best for you to find a job as a foreigner. In the end this should be your decision!


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