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Effective Ways To Get US Citizenship

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Throughout the US history it has attracted immigrants from all around the world in search of a better life. The United States is a large and diverse country with many economic opportunities. No wonder so many people seek effective ways to get US citizenship, in order to move travel to the States and become U.S. citizens. There are equally many places you can visit in the United States. Whether you crave the peace of the mountains, the hustle and bustle of a big US cities or some large piece of royal land in the United States, you will find everything, and even more.

The Land of the free

Although the United State is known as a free land, this characterization does not always apply to its borders, which is why we have created this guide on effective ways to get US citizenship. Simply obtaining a tourist visa could be a problem for many people, not to mention immigration visa. Therefore, if you want to become a US citizen, you should carefully consider issues such as costs, investment requirements, tax consequences and opportunity costs before jumping right in.

What to expect

Generally since the immigration reform of the United State is now a problem, you should expect some changes in the immigration policy of the United State in the coming years. Therefore, we will do our best to keep you informed about new developments in the process and effective ways to get US citizenship.

Benefits of U.S. citizenship

At we spend a lot of time discussing and explaining effective ways to get US citizenship. Although there are some problems that make US citizenship undesirable, there are many good reasons to want to become a United State citizen.

How you become a permanent American resident

If you want to work and live in the United States and want to enjoy all the other pros of a United State passport, you must begin by becoming a US citizen. However, to obtain U.S. citizenship, you must first have permanent residence in the United States. This procedure is generally known as "green card reception".

Steps to get US citizenship

Obtaining your residency card is an important step towards getting a U.S. citizenship. As a legal US resident, you enjoy many United States citizenship rights, including the possibility of living and working freely at the United States, serving in the United States Army and even legally owning a firearm on US soil.

In addition, you will be subjected to the same state and federal protection as its counterparts in the United States. Some countries, such as Mexico, Taiwan and Canada, equally grant special travel rights to permanent US citizens.

Where to get US citizenship

The United State green card holders aren't totally invincible, as they don’t enjoy all the freedoms and rights granted to United State citizens. For example, the holders of the United State green card; do not vote and their accessibility to some public benefits is very limited. In addition, green card must be updated periodically. If you leave the United States for a longer period of time or years, your US green card could be temporally revoked.

Therefore, many people who receive a Green Card for the United States are a springboard to U.S. citizenship, which offers them greater advantages and freedom than permanent residence.Therefore, obtaining a green card today is an important step towards U.S. citizenship, but the path to permanent residence in the United States ultimately depends on personal circumstances and the context of immigration.

What to do to get Permanent resident permit

In most cases, you would need to apply for a temporary US visa before obtaining a permanent residence permit, while foe some others through the permanent visa programs, you may immediately receive a US green card. Generally, the application for a residence card in the United States is usually open for highly skilled investors, workers and close relatives who are residents of the United States or permanent US residents.

In addition, immigrants from some countries could have more difficulty finding permanent stay or residence in the United States than in others in accordance with the US law. In the US, not above 7% of all immigrant visas can be given out to people in specific countries, so a lot of people from mainland China, Mexico, India and the Philippines may get to wait much longer for their green cards of the immigrants from their countries in to the US. The United States issues a visa bulletin each month, specifying the waiting times for every category of US permanent residence visas.

Generally, there exist 4 common ways to get your green US card:





What makes the difference in these cases

For starters, this is the general authorization category in which the visas are allocated. The possibilities of getting the US citizenship are narrow and limited. Close relatives of US citizens and highly skilled workers have the best chance of becoming legal residents in the United States, although the Visa Diversity lottery program is like the only most effective ways to get US citizenship, for lucky people who have no other opportunity to immigrate into the US.

Although the exact process of application depends on the category for which you are applying, each potential US citizen must submit Form I to 485, the official application of a green card from the United States. You should also do an interview (seat down) with immigration officials from the United States before you have permanent residence in the United States. You need to pay a commission of $ 1,225 so as to submit the application.

Therefore, this section explains general requirement that you must meetin order to receive the US green card. Subsequently, the above four general options for a valid permanent residence permit are the most effective ways to get US citizenship.

Bottom Line:

Remember that if you successfully apply for a green US green card. In the US, you must additionally comply with all US financial and accommodation obligations and other special obligations of the category of permanent visa program you have chosen. Non the less getting a US citizenship is a big step towards building your American dream.


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