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Cameroon: The Ultimate Ebolowa Travel Guide

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Ebolowa Cameroon, is found in the Atlantic coast evergreen forest in southern Cameroon Africa. Ebolowa is unique in every way like many towns and cities in Cameroon in terms of the: cuisine, terrain, climate, language, and culture. Ebolowa town is located at the intersection of routes D39, P10, the N17 highway that goes to the deep-water port of Kribi and the N2 highway that comes from the nation’s capital Yaoundé, and enters Equatorial Guinea and Gabon south of Ebolowa.

Ebolowa offers visitors local Cameroonian food and a rather refreshing tropical climate, serving as a stopover or resting place for those traveling to and from Gabon and Equatorial Guinea or Yaoundé.

In this article I will be discussing what I gathered about Ebolowa Cameroon during my visit to the city. This Ebolowa travel guide will help tourist, digital nomads, and those looking to go for an Ebolowa vacation to get first-hand information about Ebolowa history, how to get around Ebolowa, best times to visit Ebolowa Cameroon, must see Ebolowa attractions and thing to do in Ebolowa, best Ebolowa foods and restaurants. You will also be able to findout about the top star Ebolowa hotels and vacation home rentals. My stay here was completely fun, with so many great experiences and friendly meetings with Ebolowa locals.

Key fast facts about Ebolowa Cameroon

  • Ebolowa is the capital city of the South Region of Cameroon.
  • Ebolowa Cameroon is famous for its, wildlife, including wild cats, elephants, monkeys, and antelopes.
  • This capital city in the south of Cameroon is home to the Ebolowa Zoo, which is home to a variety of animals, including giraffes, tigers, and lions.

How to get to ebolowa Cameroon?

From Yaoundé or Douala, you can get to Ebolowa by bus or car. It's not a very far ride and usually costs around 3000 CFA at less crowded times of the year. Compared to first world countries, the road traffic is generally dangerous. Bus services are not regulated, and individual bus companies are often short-lived; I asked the locals at bus stations which ones had the best safety record.

Getting around Ebolowa Cameroon

You can explore Ebolowa by bus, car, motorbike, and even on foot. The Ebolowa roads are good and the drivers are well trained and possess driver’s license. There are many shared taxis in Ebolowa, identifiable by their yellow color, and are a ways to go for tourist. The yellow taxis will usually slow down for you, however I had to flag to get one and they usually beep to accept your destination. Rates are mostly negotiable depending on the distance. Unless you are going to be traveling far, the price is usually 250 FCFA but if you are not going to be traveling far you can try calling your destination and proposing "100 FAFA”.

I proposed 300 francs and it was accepted in cases where I was being asked how much I will pay. If you want your own taxi, you can also say "deposit". It will cost you around 1000 FCFA or maybe more; I recommend you negotiate in advance to avoid problems. For around FCFA 2500 or 3000 per hour, you can equally rent by the hour. However I encourage you to negotiate in advance and pay no more than 3,000 FCFA.

How is the climate of Ebolowa Cameroon?

Ebolowa lies at an elevation of 1,931.33 ft (588.67 meters) above sea level and has a tropical humid and arid or savannah climate. The district's annual temperature is 81.57ºF (27.54ºC), 0.73% higher than the average temperature in Cameroon. Ebolowa town has 274.43 rainy days per year (75.19% of the time) and usually receives about 5.67 in (143.9 millimeters) of rain and. In Ébolowa, the dry season is very hot, the rainy season is very hot, and throughout the year, the weather is cloudy. Throughout the year, Ebolowa temperatures typically range from 20°C to 30°C, rarely falling below 20°C or exceeding 30°C.

Best travel time for Ebolowa Cameroon

November to late February is the best season to visit Ebolowa Cameroon for warm weather activities. January, March, May to September and December are also best times to travel to Ebolowa in Cameroon. In this period there are little rainfall and warm temperatures. The lowest average temperature in Ebolowa is 27°C in July and the highest 33°C in February.

Best Tourist attractions in Ebolowa Cameroon, Africa

Due to the many impressive experiences and attractions here, Ebolowa is worth visiting. There are several things to do in Ebolowa for those on an Ebolowa vacation to Cameroon. I put together a list of activities that will make your Ebolowa vacation a lasting memory.

Experience Lake Ebolowa: Located in the heart of the city, the artificial Lake Ebolowa is the main tourist attraction in the city of Ebolowa. However, several tourists and digital nomads come here to make a stopover on the way to CAMPO MA'AN National Park, one of Cameroon's national parks. The WWF (World Wide Fund) for Nature has worked hard to transform and develop the park into a global ecotourism destination, due to the flora species and unique fauna found in this dark dense rainforest.

Visit the University of Ebolowa: This new University of Cameroon was established by a presidential decree in 2022 and began operations in October. For tourists who wish to travel to Ebolowa to study, Ebolowa University is open to both domestic and international students. The university has several fully functional faculties including the faculties of Arts and Health sciences.

Experience Nkolandom tourist Center: In the Boulou language, 'Nkolandom' means 'mountain of grace' 'Nkol' refers to mountain; while a tree whose bark is used to make ancestral clothing is referred to as "Andom". Upon arrival I was greeted with courtesy and a guide told me about the fascinating wonders of this center that tempted me in every way. This beautiful resort is located in the heart of the forest of south region of Cameroon. The Nikolandom tourist center offers horseback riding, canoeing, fishing grounds, museums and cave adventures. There is equally a 3-star hotels and a pool in case you just want to relax!

Housed in a hollow, this tourist heritage is surrounded by wooded mountains. It is located at the entrance of a town of 2,000 inhabitants whose major activity is agriculture (food crops, cocoa cultivation), crafts and husbandry. Nkolandom is located on a paved road, 18 km along the axis of Ebolowa, Nkoemvone and Nkolandom. With an average speed of 60 km/hour, it will take you just 15 minutes to get here in a vehicle. To transport their clients, Nkolandom tourist center equally has mini shuttle bus. If you want to escape from the monotony of life, breathe the clean air of equatorial forests or mountains, discover the wonders of ancient Africa, listen to the flow of the river, then what you have been waiting for is NKOLANDOM TOURIST CENTER (CTN).

Experience agriculture in Ebolowa: With a production of more than 200,000 tons per year, the world's fourth largest producer of cocoa beans is Cameroon. More than 50,000 local farmers in Cameroon get their livelihood from the nation’s cocoa industry. So next time you eat chocolate, remember that the beans probably came from Ebolowa local farmers. On your next Ebolowa vacation to Cameroon, Africa, join the locals to see what it takes to grow cocoa beans in Ebolowa.

The Ebolowa Zoo: Home to a varienty of wildlife animals such as tigers, lions, monkeys and giraffes, this is a great place to visit during your Ebolowa vacation to Cameroon Africa. Lovers of wildlife species will be thrilled by this reserve’s unique way of preserving endangered species. Most of the animals are hunted from the Ebolowa forest.

Ebolowa Economy, Cameroon Africa: Ebolowa is one of the main contributors to Cameroon's GDP. Rich in rainforest resources, Ebolowa is the center of Cameroon's timber logging and sawmilling activities. For further export to the ports of Douala and Kribi, local sawmills prepare the wood that will use in furniture and other necessities in Eastern and Western countries around the world. Of particular interest to the Cameroon economy is that it markets most of the region's cocoa, making Cameroon the fourth largest cocoa producer in the world.

Best places to visit in Ebolowa

Ambam town: This is a city located on the border with Equatorial Guinea and Gabon, and a municipality found in Cameroon’s South region. This border town had a population of 1,596 in 2005 and is about 220 km from Yaoundé. Traditionally, Fang is a major ethnic group, it has traded with its neighbors on the other side of the border.

Oveng town: This is a city found near River Kam, next to the Ntem River and near the border to the south with Equatorial Guinea, in the Southern region of Cameroon.

Lolodorf town: This is a small city-centered region near the west coast of Africa in the Southern region of the Republic of Cameroon. It is located in the Evergreen Forest area of the Atlantic Coast, between Bipindi and Ngoumou.

The best hotel and vacation home rentals in Ebolowa

Simplify your hotel or guest house search in Ebolowa with this Ebolowa hotels and vacation home guide for those on an Ebolowa vacation.

Are there cheap hotels in Ebolowa?

You should consider these cheap Ebolowa hotels or guest houses, if your vacation or business trip budget for lodging isn't too big. These cheap Ebolowa hotels or vacation home rentals have basic services and good amenities, such as 24-hour reception, free coffee and satellite TV. If you want to feel at home during your trip to Ebolowa, then consider a bed and breakfast. Another great accommodation alternative at your disposal are Ebolowa motels.

Luxurious hotel or guest houses in Ebolowa

There are many luxury guest houses or hotels available in Ebolowa, for those looking for ultimate in service and comfort. With rooms and suites featuring the best decorations and furnishings, most of these superior Ebolowa guest houses and hotels have a 5 and 4 star rating. Located nearby Ebolowa attractions and public transportation, these Ebolowa hotels are positioned to make your Ebolowa vacation easy.

What are other Ebolowa lodging options?

Ebolowa has excellent hotels to meet your every need, whether you're traveling to Ebolowa for a family vacation, a business trip, romantic getaway or a round of golf. Based on the purpose of your trip to Ebolowa Cameroon, It is important to choose the right guest house, motel or hotel. Different amenities can define your Ebolowa vacation, by helping you make a decision for your Ebolowa family vacation, or business trip, when you visit this beautiful town. Imagine booking an Ebolowa hotel for a family vacation or business trip that does not offer its guests free Wi-Fi.

By looking for property types like resorts, motels, guest houses, inns, B&B, and accommodations that offer good amenities like fitness centers and free breakfast for pets, or activities like skiing, beach, golf, or casino, you can narrow your search for Ebolowa hotels and find just what you're looking for.

Here’s a list some best Ebolowa hotels for tourist and digital nomads.

Center Touristique de Nkolandom (CTN) Hotel: This Ebolowa hotel is often referred to as the summit of dreams. Located in the southern part of Cameroon on the Ebolowa-Ambam-Mekomo highway1 (8 km from Ebolowa), Nkolandom is a magnificent tourist center. Accessible via generally excellent roads and about 3 hours south of Yaoundé, the Nkolandom Tourist Center (CNT) is a very well maintained restaurant + hotel + activity center in a beautiful area.

The CTN rooms are very comfortable, clean, with air conditioning. The service in the restaurant is good and fast, and they serve very good food. Various activities are available at CTN (museum visits, horseback riding, and fishing, boating, and hiking in the area). The hotel fees are very reasonable, especially for the quality service that is comparable to the very Cameroon’s best.

Florence Hotel Ebolowa Cameroon: This Ebolowa Hotel is a world-class resort that offers a wide range of services as follows: meals: 03 catering and beverage distribution, accommodation: 50 comfortable bedrooms, Rental and services: 01 very modern rooms and highly recreational technological space adapted to the needs of the market, dedicated, young and dynamic volunteers, 02 wells and 02 generators to deal with disruptions in the city’s network. Enjoy your next stay in Cameroon Ebolowa by lodging at Florence Hotel Ebolowa.

Bengo Hotel Ebolowa Cmaeroon: The Bengo Hotel in Ebolowa pampers its guests with elegant furnishings and great comfort in its luxurious rooms, and it is just two hours south of Yaoundé. The bed here is comfortable and contain big soft pillows. The closet has a little hanging space and a few cupboards. The rooms have a desk, a TV and a small balcony, which you can choose between pool and Mountain View when booking. The bathroom is a little more spacious and has a shower or bathtub depending on your preference. Bengo has a large swimming pool with an outdoor Jacuzzi, a nightclub and a gym.

What are the best restaurants in Ebolowa?

The best food in Ebolowa is usually served at the best Ebolowa restaurants. Enjoy free Wi-Fi and air conditioning at these great Ebolowa Cameroon restaurants. Below I have compiled a list of the best restaurants in Ebolowa for tourists and digital nomads.

  • Restaurant-Bar La Belle Histoire
  • Cote D’azur Annexe
  • AL and VAL
  • Restaurant Fleur D’or
  • Les Brasseries Du Cameroon


Discover the excitement and beauty of Ebolowa, Cameroon with our comprehensive Ebolowa travel guide. Whether you want to experience for yourself the local Ebolowa culture, shop and eat, or just relax and enjoy in the scenic sights, the Allotraveller travel guides will help you make the most of your stay in Ebolowa Cameroon. So come experience and explore this city of trademarks for yourself!


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