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Cameroon: The Ultimate Maroua Travel Guide

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Maroua sits at an elevation of 384 metres as the capital of the far north region of the African nation of Cameroon. Known as the city of the cotton industry, Maroua also has an airport, the University of Maroua and, above all an ethnographic museum. Maroua is known for its stunning natural scenery, stunning architecture and bustling markets.

From encountering exotic wildlife to wandering through national parks and exploring colonial-era monuments, there is something for everyone who visits Maroua Cameroon.

In this article I will expose you to what a Maroua vacation looks like for tourist and digital nomads. We will discuss Maroua climate (when to go for a Maroua vacation), how to get around Maroua, best Maroua attractions, things to do in Maroua, Maroua hotels and restaurants. I took a trip to Maroua and found these information through my experiences with the destination and the Maroua locals.

It is no wonder that Maroua is one of the most popular digital nomads or tourist destinations in Africa due to its unique mix of history, nature and culture. Maroua certainly offers you an unforgettable experience, whether you are looking for an adventure of discovery or a relaxing getaway!

Maroua is positioned geographically between 10°34′56.359″ North latitude and 14°19′39.16″ East longitude, situated on the Ferngo and Kaliao rivers. The famous Waza National Park is to the north of the city. A large military base for the BIR Rapid Reaction Force is to the south of the city. Mount Maroua dominates the city's skyline.

What about best time to visit Maroua?

The dry season which runs from December to February is the best time to go for a Maroua vacation. Rainfall is low, and temperatures are comfortable during this period. It is also a good time to enjoy the region's savannahs and dense forests. Plan your trip for March or April if you want to experience the Maroua culture, when throughout the region you’ll find traditional festivals taking place.

May through October is ideal for those looking to enjoy outdoor activities like bird watching or hiking, due to lower humidity and cooler temperatures. It is important to remember that Maroua is in a tropical climate zone, so regardless of when you decide to go for Maroua vacation, the climate remains warm all year round.

How to get to Maroua: From the airports of Douala and Garoua, sometimes via Yaoundé. The Garoua airport is located 20 km south of the city on Garoua Road. At the same time you can equally book train tickets for the N'Gaoundéré-Yaoundé here. Several other institutions operate along the lines of N'Gaoundéré.

You can also book tickets for the N'Gaoundéré-Yaoundé train here. Many other agencies function along the N'Gaoundéré route. There are a number of established Maroua hotels, inns, banks, arts/crafts markets and travel agencies in the area.

Where to stay in Maroua Cameroon?

Depending on the type of experience you are looking for, you’ll find the best areas to stay in Maroua. The city center is the right choice for those who want to be close to the main Maroua attractions. I found within walking distance several types of shops, bars and restaurants. Other than that, it's a great place to experience everyday life in Maroua and explore the Maroua culture.

The northern suburbs like Tchadville and Gashiga might better suit your needs if you're looking for access to untouched nature and a quieter environment. While still being close enough to visit Maroua attractions, I was able to enjoy great views.

What about best Maroua hotels?

There are many holiday homes in Maroua though I found it hard to find modern hotels. This is a list of best Maroua hotels to lodge in:

  • Ndjida Bouba Safari Camp Hotel Tcherno
  • Mizao Hotel
  • Relais Porte Mayo hotel
  • Buffle Noir Camp
  • La Benue Hotel
  • Relais de Hubert Hotel
  • Hotel Adamauá

What about best Maroua attractions?

Popular things to do in Maroua include:

Waza National Park: Waza National Park was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1979, a National Park in 1968 and located about 130 kilometers northeast of Maroua. The park which covers an area of 1,700 square kilometers and houses to various species animals such as gazelles, roans, antelopes, Hartebeest and reed.

University of Maroua: The University of Maroua founded in 2008 is one of the leading universities in northern Cameroon. The university is also known for running programs that showcase the local culture apart from offering quality education and a variety of courses.

Maroua Grand Mosque: An impressive 18th century mosque located in the city’s’ heart.

Bouba Ndjida National Park: Home to a wide variety of birds and animals, including elephants, lions, chimpanzees and buffalo.

Fianga Lake: This man-made lake offers stunning views of the nearby countryside.

Mount Tchabal Mbabo: This beautiful mountain that offers stunning views of areas surrounding Maroua.

Yagoua Palace Museum: This historical museum houses artifacts from different eras of the history of Cameroon.

Mount Kapsiki Cultural Village: In this interactive village, Maroua vacation visitors can learn about the traditional lifestyle of tribes in Maroua.

Maroua Ethnographic Museum: In this resourceful Maroua Museum you’ll obtain the most interesting and complete information about the local Maroua cultures, population, gastronomy, traditions and way of life from the city’s beginnings to date.

Maroua shopping and Culture: The town's population is dominated by the Sufi Islamic people who live in Maroua. The University of Maroua is the cultural center of Maroua and main educational center. The traditional Maroua market provides you with varieties of local items, such as embroidery, ceramics, jewelry, goldsmiths and leather goods.

What about best Maroua restaurants?

The best Maroua restaurants to eat in are:

Kebab & Pizza: In this Italian-style pizzeria tourists are served with delicious thin-crust pies and some fresh ingredients.

Le Palais de Mokolo: This beautiful Maroua restaurant serves customers with a variety of traditional Cameroon dishes and other dishes of African countries.

Chez Gisèle Thiam: This is popular spot in Maroua for authentic local cuisine, including seafood dishes and fried chicken.

La Résidence: This is an upscale Maroua restaurant serving French cuisine including oysters, steaks and more.

Churrascaria du Parc Zoologique et Botanique: In this top class Brazilian-style grill Maroua tourists can enjoy well-made barbecue.

Ma Kanté Restaurant: This informal Maroua restaurant that offers tourists a selection of local Cameroonian dishes, such as plantain and fish.

La Petite Maison d'Afrique: This small and cozy Maroua restaurant that serves customers with African dishes such as grilled meat and couscous.

What about the best Maroua nightlife options?

Some of the best options for nightlife in Maroua include:

Le Bistrot: This lively hub regularly host live music a lively pub and serves a variety of snacks and drinks.

La Cantina de Don Paulo: In this Mexican-style Maroua bar guests are offered delicious cocktails and snacks in a lively atmosphere.

Black Out Bar: This luxury Maroua lounge offers a selection of exotic cocktails and occasional DJ sets, as well as international spirits.

Les Jardins des Grands Remparts: This popular outdoor Maroua cafe serves guests with hot drinks and snacks in the evenings.

Tiki Lounge Bar & Grill: This is a beachside venue where tourists can relax with live music played by local DJs while having tropical drinks.

Chez Jacky: In this small and cozy Maroua bar having billiards, darts and other games to enjoy with a cocktail or a beer.

Pub du Parc des Sports et de la Culture: This indoor Maroua pub has TV showing sports games and movies and pool table.

Tempo Disco Club: In this lively Maroua club offers live music of hip hop hits and DJs spinning EDM.

What about best day trips around Maroua?

The best day trips around Maroua include:

Mbere Wildlife Sanctuary: It is a protected spot of savanna wetlands and grasslands where tourists can get to see wildlife such as birds, antelopes, elephants and much more.

La Ngaoundéré Zoo: In this zoological park I found more than 500 animals species, including zebras, monkeys, lions and many other exotic creatures.

Lake Yagoua: This is oasis in a semi-desert spot where guests can swim and sail in clear waters surrounded by a lush vegetation.

Maroua Cathedral: In this historic colonial landmark I found beautiful gardens and amazing architecture for tourists to explore.

La Tour Poussière d'Or: With stunning views of Maroua and the surrounding countryside, this old fortress is found the city’s center.

A message from Allotraveller:

Maroua is one of the most populated areas in the northern part of Cameroon, with an increase in crime and illegal trade control. The city's residents include Cameroonians and some Nigerians who occasionally come to trade in Cameroon. Contact allotraveller for more information if you are looking to go for a Maroua vacation.


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