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Cameroon: The Ultimate Ngaoundere Travel Guide

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Ngaoundere is the capital city of Adamawa region in Cameroon. This touristic city in Adamawa Cameroon has several popular attractions, which includes the Benoue National Park, which is well worth a visit. Though the city has its own airport, it does not have flight schedules. A four-hour bus ride north is the Garoua airport. There are several land options available, both private taxis and buses operate from the capital of Yaoundé, Douala, and other cities nearby, but the journey is quite slow.

Trains in Cameroon have a northern end in Ngaoundere. The states’ train agency Camrail, operates night trains every day from Yaoundé, the trains have sofas and seats. Also, the much slower transport services calls for more distant stations and only run three times a week.

In this Cameroon Ngaoundere travel guide, I am going to discuss with you my experience about the city’s weather, best times to visit, best Ngaoundere restaurants and foods, best Ngaoundere hotels or vacation home rentals and the best things to do on a Ngaoundere vacation. My stay in Ngaoundere was full of thrilling experiences and the locals were very receptive.

Have you ever felt "wow” after visiting a new place?

Several tourist feel this way about when they visited Ngaoundere. Ngaoundere is a very popular Cameroonian cities loved by tourist and digital nomads. Ngaoundere is a small beautiful Cameroon tourist destination that is worth a visit if you are looking to travel to Cameroon. You will be amazed at the unique places and myriad of activities to experience in this hidden tourist destination in Adamawa Cameroon.

You may want to travel to Ngaoundere again for some relaxation and rest. Read on if aren't sure if Ngaoundere should be included in your itinerary when you visit Cameroon. In this Ngaoundere travel guide I’ve compiled some of the things to do in and around Ngaoundere. I really think you'll love adding this beautiful Cameroonian city to your itinerary.

What’s the climate in Ngaoundere?

The average Ngaoundéré temperature varies slightly. Taking humidity into consideration, with the exception of a few hot weeks in summer, Ngaoundere temperatures are pleasant for most of the year, and about half of the year sees precipitation. Compared to tourist destinations around the world, Ngaoundere has a temperate climate in the 50th percentile for pleasant weather.

The hottest months in Ngaoundere are February, April, and also March, if you’re looking for the hottest time to visit the city. Usually, early to mid-March is hottest time of the year is, when maximum temperatures hover around 33.5 °C (92.3 °F) and nighttime temperatures rarely drop below 17.3 °C (63, 2°F). .

Total travel experience in Ngaoundéré by season

June to August (summer):

The mid months of the year in Ngaoundere have a very pleasant climate with high and mild temperatures. Most of the precipitation falls during these months with eleven to fourteen rainy days each month. Ngaoundere hotels and other accommodation can be more expensive than usual from June through August since it is the busiest tourist season in Ngaoundéré.

March to May (spring):

Temperature and humidity combine to make this time of year hot. Highs range from 33.5 °C (92.3 °F) to 28.1 °C (82.6 °F) with cooler temperatures in the following months. Showers are quite common with two to eleven days of significant precipitation each month. Spring receives less tourism, making it a great time for bargain for attraction deals.

December to February (winter):

For travelers to enjoy the warm weather, it is perfect during this period in Ngaoundéré. The average maximum temperatures during this period of the year ranges from 33.1 °C (91.6 °F) to 29.1 °C (84.3 °F). On average it snows or rains negligibly: constantly zero times each month. These seasons are quite slow with digital nomads and tourists.

September to November (fall):

Considering the wind and humidity, the fall daily highs range from 86.2 °F (30.1 °C) to 79.9 °F (26.6 °C), which is nice. It snows or rains significantly: one to twelve days each month. Ngaoundere hotel prices can be a bit more expensive since tourism is also very busy (second) most of these months due to the good weather.

Least crowded and busiest months to visit Ngaoundere

Followed by December and May, July is the busiest month for Ngaoundéré tourism. Although you can save money by advance bookings, Ngaoundere flights and hotel prices are usually higher during these months of the year. In April, Ngaoundéré is likely to receive very few tourists. If you’re looking to visit Ngaoundere during this time of year, you will likely find it to be the most favorable month in terms of price.

When is the best time to visit Ngaoundere?

To help you make a decision on best time to go for a Ngaoundere vacation to Cameroon, I put together some key information:

  • July and August are the rainiest months
  • December, November, April, March, February, and January are the best months for good weather in Ngaoundéré.
  • In December, February, and January Ngaoundéré experiences dry periods.
  • December, April, March, February, and January are on average the warmest months.

Is Ngaoundere a safe place to tourists?

Though with additional advisories in some areas, Ngaoundere is generally reasonably safe. Regional information and travel advisories were available in Adamawa Cameroon as of October 7, 2019; Use a high level of caution and avoid certain areas. However the security in Ngaoundere has tightened over the years and it’s been safe for both digital nomads and tourist on a Ngaoundere vacation.

What are the best Ngaoundere Attractions?

Explore Benoue National Park:

This Park is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and national park of Cameroon. Its surface is 180,000 hectares. The park has a large frontage on the Bénoué River, which forms its eastern boundary and stretches for 100 km. The northern part of the park is cut across by the public road to Tcholliré. The western border of the park is formed by the main road that links the city of Garoua in the north with Ngaoundéré in the south. From the north, the Benoue National Park can be accessed from Ngaoundéré.

Visit Lamido Grand Mosque:

While visiting the historical sites of Ngaoundere, take a tour of the Lamido Grand Mosque in Ngaoundere Cameroon. The mosques and palaces that form the physical setting for these weekly ceremonies represent the core population of Ngaoundéré: formerly, nomads, non-Muslim Mboum, Muslim Ful6e, herders and, agricultural. This beautiful and well-designed building is a must for anyone visiting Ngaoundere, Cameroon.

Other tourist spot in Ngaoundere

Ngaoundere also offers many other attractions in addition to impressive landscapes, waterfalls, lakes. There are exciting mountains like Mount Ngaoundere, Mount Djoumbal which offers panoramic views of Banyo city and Mount Ngan-Ha which is a sacred place for the Ngaoundere people. Allotraveller guides show you great views and take good care of you in this beautiful areas.

What are the best Ngaundere hotel?

Ngaoundaba Ranch hotel:

Located about a 45 minute drive from Ngaoundere, the ranch is clean and close to a small town. The gardens are lovely and lead to a beautiful lake which is very amazing to watch. Your stay in this hotel will be very comfortable and safe.

Hotel Adamawa:

This is by far the best available hotel in Ngaoundere, given that there are very few options in this part of the Cameroon. The facility itself is great to behold and your stay is filled with good entertainment and Ngaoundere foods.

Hotel Marhaba:

The rooms are very clean and the shower has hot water. This beautiful Ngaoundere hotel offers large conference space for digital nomad and comfortable lodging for tourist in Ngaoundere.

What are the best Ngaundere restaurant?

  • Restaurant le coffee shop
  • Restaurant la plazza
  • Socadis restaurant
  • Le verger

What are the best Ngaundere shopping centers?

  • City market
  • Petite Marche
  • Carrefour ministre

Message from Allotraveller:

Ngaoundere is the capital of the Adamawa region of Cameroon. It is very complex yet exciting to travel to Ngaoundere; to get here from the country's capital Yaoundé, you need to take a night train or night bus. The train travel is the faster of the two, as it takes at least fourteen hours to arrive Ngaoundere.

Adamawa region is very different from the more southern Cameroon areas and in my travel experience, it is often overlooked or forgotten despite being a beautiful and interesting part of Cameroon.


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