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Cameroon- Ultimate Douala Travel Guide

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Douala is a great destination for travelers (tourist and digital nomads) looking to explore beautiful natural sites and experience African culture and the largest city in Cameroon. Douala has something for everyone, from pristine beaches and lush tropical forests to bustling markets and vibrant nightlife. Enjoy Cameroon’s finest town with delicious culinary offerings, luxury hotels, and modern shopping malls alongside glamorous nightlife venues, cultural festivals, and traditional art galleries.

There's plenty to do in this bustling seaside town, whether you're looking for relaxation or adventure or! So start planning your Douala vacation today and enjoy all that this charming coastal city has in stock for you!

In this article we I will expose you to the beauty of Douala Cameroon, best times to go for a Douala vacation in Cameroon, top fun things to do in Douala Cameroon, and Douala vacation for digital nomads. You will also find out about what to eat in Douala, where to stay in Douala, and how to get around Douala. The allotraveller team had to travel to Douala to get a first-hand experience and must-know information about Douala Cameroon that will help Douala vacation goers to plan well ahead before visiting one of Cameroon’s finest city!

What about best times to visit Douala Cameroon?

The dry season from October to May is the best time to travel to Douala Cameroon. During this time, there is less rain and temperatures are cooler, making it an ideal time for enjoying the city’s attraction spots and sightseeing. It can be difficult to plan outdoor activities in the rainy season in Douala since it usually lasts from the end of June to September.

It's equally essential noting that temperatures stay relatively warm year-round, rarely dipping below 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 degrees Celsius). Especially during the rainy season, it rains often and humidity is usually high.

What about how to travel to Douala Cameroon?

By air: Approximately six miles from the city lies the Douala International Airport. A ride into the city costs around CFA 3,500 FRS with yellow cabs available just outside the airport.

By train: With Camrail operating most passenger services, Douala is the hub of the country's rail system. There are connections to most of the country's major hubs, including Nkongsamba, Yaoundé, Ngaoundéré and layovers.

By car: Douala is connected to most other major centers in Cameroon via extensions and to the capital Yaoundé via the Yaoundé-Douala highway. However, not all roads in the country are paved.

By bus: There’re bus services from Douala to Yaoundé and on to Ngaoundéré and Limbe.

What about best places to stay in Douala Cameroon?

The exclusive neighborhood of Deido is the best area to stay in Douala. With shops, restaurants, and other attractions spots within walking distance, this area is very popular for most tourist and digital nomads. Several luxury hotels with impressive views of the city skyline can be found on the waterfront.

Douala's top attractions, including markets, galleries, museums, and parks can be accessed from Deido. Akwa is another great accommodation option, home to cafes, clubs and shopping, as well as great trendy bars.

Getting around in Douala Cameroon

By public Transport: There are several private companies that operate a network of bus services throughout Douala even though there is no public transportation system.

By yellow taxi: The best way to reach a taxi company is to request a hotel reservation and Douala has two taxi companies. Fares in the city Douala must be CFA 2,500 FRS or even less. If you’re sharing a taxi with other passengers, then the taxi fare may drop to around 250-350 CFA.

By car: Be aware that some roads may be in different conditions, should you decide to drive into the city. Most car rentals in Douala start at around 68,750 CFA each day.

What about the cost of living in Douala Cameroon?

Shopping street: Located on Rue Congo Pariso is the large Central Market (Marché Central). Street vendors from all over Douala can also be seen using the Place de l'Independance area as another reference point.

Groceries and Miscellaneous: At Score, you'll find American and European style groceries with shelves that are well-stocked. A dozen eggs cost about 1015 CFA and a liter of milk about 490 CFA.

Top fun things to do in Douala Cameroon

Douala Maritime Museum:

One of the most popular museums in Cameroon is the Douala Maritime Museum; a historical landmark. The museum is located on Rue de l'Hôpital in the municipality of Bonanjo, a few minutes' walk from the Center des Affaires Maritimes Douala. It gathers, stores and exhibits essential Cameroon's maritime history objects and works. The Douala Maritime Museum is one of the city’s most visited places, receiving thousands of visitors every year.

St. Peter and Paul Bonadibong Cathedral:

It is a fantastic spot in Douala. The St. Peter and Paul Bonadibong was Built in 1936. With twin towers surrounding the central façade, this magnificent Roman Catholic cathedral is a typical Neo-Romanesque architecture. The Douala Cathedral is an important part of Cameroon's historical monuments.

Kribi Day Trips:

Considered as one of the most romantic destinations in Cameroon, Kribi is one of the best natural destinations in the country as well as the home of the best beaches in Cameroon. This romantic vacation spot is a 3-hour drive from Douala. The perfect way to learn more about this unique place when visiting Kribi is to have a local accompany you and guide you through nature and history.

White sandy beaches and Chutes de la Lobé are just some of the notable things Kribi has in store for you, and, you will always find fresh fish on the menu. Lobé Falls is Instagram-worthy, or better yet postcard perfect, as perfect as it gets!

Marché des Fleurs:

Douala vacation goers come here to feel the local atmosphere and to enjoy the beautiful views. It is also Douala’s best place to buy flower gifts. This local flower market is the major spot for visitors offering unique artwork like sculptures made by local artists. To see beautiful Cameroonian handicrafts I recommend you visit this local market.

Eat African Food in Douala:

With good reason, Saga Africa Restaurant is probably Douala’s most popular African restaurant, if you're looking for places to eat best African food in Douala. This restaurant is a great place for pasta and Chinese dishes, it also offers more than just local classics and African dishes. For any foodie visiting Douala Cameroon this place is definitely good value for your money.


The place where African values are promoted and celebrated in the economic capital of Cameroon was founded in 1991. Doual'art is and one of Douala’s most visited museums and a center for modern art. Explore public art exhibitions while on a Douala vacation, to learn about new modern practices in African cities and the best of contemporary African and Cameroonian and street art.

Parcours Vita:

Fitness enthusiast’s ideal destination. A large fitness center and sports park, offering everything from cycling and soccer to gymnastics and aerobics to walking and running trails. There is plenty of fun outdoor activities for you here. Here, one of the many easily accessible hiking trails can be explored by fitness fanatics. They all offer incredible insights and views into the unique nature of Cameroon. For workout lovers, this is a great place to making new friends in Douala, Cameroon and to meet people interested in working out.

Douala University:

The University of Douala was founded in 1977 and is one of Cameroon’s many public universities, with one of the main cultural centers of Douala, it currently educates more than 40,000 students in six campuses and has 600 professors.

Parc Bonanjo:

Are you lover of nature and want to explore the most beautiful landscapes and parks in Douala Cameroon? The Parc de Bonanjo offers great attractions for a day of outdoor fun and is located in Bonanjo Douala, at the center of the Municipality. The ideal destination for lovers of hiking and nature.

Enjoy Douala After Dark:

It comes as no surprise that Douala, one of the largest cities in Cameroon, offers an incredible variety of nightlife and nightclubs. Kick back with drinks at some of Douala’s best nightclubs and bars, including Club O and Le Discophage, and gamble at Treasure Hunter Casino, one of the Douala’s most popular casinos.

Nkoulouloun Market:

See the best of African culture and history when you visit the Nkoulouloun Market for a Douala vacation. Most of the locals visit this resourceful market. You'll need to prove your bargaining skills since there are no fixed prices in this market. If you want to buy African fabrics during a Douala vacation, this is undoubtedly the best place.

Where to eat in Douala Cameroon?

La Cafeteria de la Paix: This casual eatery also serves sandwiches, salads, and pastas though mostly known for its delicious pizzas.

Chez Boubou: Serving delicious Cameroonian traditional dishes such as jollof rice and fried plantains, this popular restaurant was established in 1982.

La Maison Bleue: Overlooking the Wouri River this charming terrace restaurant offers international cuisine.

Brasserie du Louvre: Along with a wide variety of cocktails and beers, this popular restaurant offers delicious international dishes.

Le Chinois: Furnished with traditional Chinese décor, this Chinese restaurant offers Cantonese cuisine.

Kotto Restaurant: This fine-dining restaurant offers French cuisine along with a wide selection of wines and is located near Bonanjo Park.

Poulet Sauté Douala: One of the best casual eatery that serves delicious grilled chicken foods and other local Cameroon foods.

Les Palmiers: One of Cameroon’s finest restaurant near Kribi beach, offering Creole cuisine and seafood.

Best nightlife in Douala Cameroon?

Majestic Club: perfect for a night out with friends due to its lively atmosphere and stylish décor.

La Plage Disco Bar: This lively nightclub is popular with tourists and locals alike and offers karaoke, dancing, and live music.

Coco Beach Pub: This trendy bar found near Kribi Beach, is great for a cool beach and sunset cocktails vibe.

Ô Poto: This trendy bar in the Bonanjo district offers a variety of snacks and drinks.

Le Bongo: A trendy nightclub known for its regular theme nights and great atmosphere.

La Maison de l'Ambiance: This bar offers a variety of and snacks and drinks and is a popular meeting place for young people.

Jet Club: This elegant lounge bar is the perfect place to listen to soft music and have a drink.

Le Chat Noir: A fun pub that offers a darts and pool table, as well as a selection of wines and beers.

La Paillote: A beach club that’s famous for its live music performances and great parties.

Best shopping spots in Douala Cameroon

Batimat Mall: A modern Douala shopping complex featuring a variety of stores that sell fashion, accessories, and jewelry.

Carrefour Mall: With entertainment, fast food and designer shops, this is Douala's largest mall.

Melen Mall: This mall near the University of Douala offers local stores as well as international brands.

Akwa Market: This huge complex is one of the oldest markets in Africa featuring hundreds of stalls that sell a several goods, including jewelry, clothing, food, and more.

3K Commercial Store Center – A top mall in Douala featuring a variety of stores selling clothing, electronics, and more.

Avis de la Ville: This flea market in the Bali district is a great place to buy at affordable prices some unique handmade items.

Bonanjo Shopping Mall: This modern mall located near the Wouri Bridge, offers a variety of restaurants and shops.

La Maison des Arts et de la Culture: This art gallery in the heart of Douala sells authentic African sculptures and paintings by local Cameroonian artists.

Allotraveller message:

Located in the country’s western part, Douala is the most famous Cameroon commercial capital. Douala exports essential commodities such as oil, cocoa, metals, and coffee and has Cameroon's main international airport and largest seaport. Douala is also richest city out of the six CEMAC region countries. With the largest Central African seaport and a major international airport, locals, digital nomads and tourists alike find a Douala vacation to be one filled with exciting experiences and lasting memories.


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