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Disney World Vacation Packing List: Things To Bring

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Visiting Walt Disney World is a must for most families on a Disney vacations in Orlando. Most American families go for an Orlando vacation almost every year, and sometimes even several times a year. The team has been researching aabout Walt Disney’s extraordinary parks in Florida at least 10 years now (yes, it’s a lot), but we really loved what we found and decided to share with Disney fans about Disney World vacation packing list. There is always something new and interesting to fall in love with every time you visit a Disney vacation.

The only thing that is not new to Disney World is the cost of the Disney packages, the Orlando hotels / Orlando vacation rentals and the constant heat.

If you don’t pack things correctly, you’re going to spend a lot on expensive items that you really don’t want to pay for. You may not think that planning a day at Walt Disney World Theme Park needs careful consideration, though if you really need to be on the safe side, then you can save valuable time, money and even anger by bringing the correct things! That’s why we have created the best Disney World packing list, which will save you time and money in the park! With this list you'll have a lot of fun with much serenity.

Things to pack for Disney World Vacation

There are so many things you need when you pack for Disney World trip. Here, you will find a list of all the needs you will be required or expected to bring and which you may not even think about.

Portable chargers:

If you plan to travel to Disney World, you will most likely use your phone. From images to the My Disney Experience application, to verify waiting times or to place an order, the phone is used here for many things. We recommend you get a portable charger that allows you to charge more devices.

Reusable water bottle (big savings!):

One of the things that people don’t know about Disney World is that they can get free drinkable water all day. If you go to a fast food restaurant, just ask for a cup of ice water and Voila, FREE water. Well, if you’re coming with your children, you may not like the fine glasses you get because you can hold about many children, and the last thing I need is a dripping lid and everything dropping in the water. So you should come with a reusable water bottle. In this way, your water stays fresh for longer.

Disney Magic Bands:

If you intend to live in an Orlando hotel, we recommend that you get your Disney Magic band before arriving at Walt Disney World.

Professional advice:

Put the magic ban in your bagpack. The magic band is the key to your room, the amusement park ticket and the credit card. Therefore, if you don’t remember bringging it, you can simply look in your luggage to find it.

Insect repellent:

When you arrive at Walt Disney World Park, you often see FREE insect repellent signs. If you can’t use it, then it's preferrably that you pack your own insect repellant because in some cases you may not be allowed t come close to these positions


The stroller is an absolute necessity if you have children under 5 years of age, because Disney World is far away. You have the possibility to rent a wheelchair at Walt Disney World. Choose what you love and make sure you have a solid plan when coming with your children!

A mini First Aid kit:

Carry in a little container or a zippered bag: patches, ibuprofen, bags with Calpol and spoons, tablets for indigestion, cleaning cloths and small deodorants or body sprays to cool off. The first aid kit may come in handy in case there is an injury.

Autographs and Sharpies:

Many Disney characters have big hands, making it difficult to hold a normal pen. A thick or sharp pen is perfect if you want to get a signature! You can use everything to collect signatures: common notebooks, official Disney notebooks purchased at the park or our personal favorites, homemade Disney signature books. The characters love them and you will experience great interactions when they see you at the park!

Lightweight hoodie or cardigan:

Depending on the season, you need a cardigan or a hoodie in the morning and at night. Even in summer, the air conditioner is often in full swing when you arrive at a building, or when you are wet and shaking from the rising water or rain that can be expected at 3pm.


There are two things you can guarantee during your trip to Central Florida; Sun and rain. This is true in all seasons. you can bring all kinds of umbrellas, from the large (terribly full) golf umbrellas to the cheap umbrellas bought at Walt Disney World.


If you don’t want to bring an umbrella, ask for some ponchos before going to Disney World. Otherwise, when it rains, you will soak up or spend $ 8 on pop in some cheap ponchos. Instead, take high quality ponchos to stay dry before traveling.

Sunglasses and hat:

It’s really easy; they will protect your eyes, face and head from the bright sun. Remember to take your hat off during the trip; otherwise, you may never see it again!


It is always useful to carry snacks, especially if you have it! You get to choose at the most inappropriate time, such as when we are almost at the top of the line. Therefore, it is important to have a box of raisins or cereals in your hand.

More things to bring for Walt Disney World Vacation?

  1. Tickets: for non-Disney theme parks (at Walt Disney World Resort you will use MagicBands).
  2. Wallet with credit card & cash: no explanation needed!
  3. Identity card (SIM / passport): This is very essential if you need to consume alcohol: in the US, you will be asked to show an ID card, even though you’re over 21 years old.
  4. Important documents: as reservation and confirmation, etc.
  5. Lip balm having SPF: VERY essential to protect your lips from the harsh sun.
  6. Telephone: to take photos, utilize My Disney Experience application and, above all, show your friends on social media/Facebook that you're here!
  7. Bring some Disney pins for trading: you will enjoy exchanging pins, so you always have some cheap parts to exchange when we see players with what you like

Bottom Line:

If you need help planning and ordering your magical vacation at Walt Disney World, contact us. The team of travel experts are a true Walt Disney experts and not only do we offer FREE services, but also we you save time and money which you can use on other things.


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