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Fun Things To Do In Jordan

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Jordan is every traveler's dream Middle East introduction. A friendly and safe destination that brings travelers closer to the wonders of the world and immerses visitors in hospitality that is world-class. Once you've immersed yourself in the carefree culture of the country, tourists will feel right at home. If you are going on an epic Jordan trip, amongst some of the top fun things to do in Jordan, are exploring the stunning historical sites, tasty food, and stunning landscapes.

Every day is filled with incredible sights: from swimming in the Dead Sea to experiencing the ancient pink city of Petra, the region has stolen the hearts of many tourists. Jordan is referred to as the Jewel of the Middle East by many tourist. The region is surrounded by unrest and chaos, Jordan remained a neutral region and it’s hard to imagine a conflict beyond its borders.

Recommendations for first time Jordan travelers

It is advisable to stay away from the Iraqi and Syrian borders and avoid demonstrations in public areas. However, traveling to Jordan today seems no more dangerous than anywhere else in the world, and as soon as you set foot in the country, you'll feel the togetherness of the friendly locals. Jordan offers the best place for adventure.

In Jordan you can experience cuisine, hospitality and rich Arabian culture, ancient ruins, breathtaking views, adrenaline rushing through the canyons, and the calmness of sleeping under the stars. There are so many unique things to do that it's hard to choose. We've narrowed down a million great moments to 13 best things to do in Jordan that should be on everyone's best list!

13 fun things to do in Jordan

Disclaimer: This write up is written from in-depth research by the Allotraveller team of travel experts. It is based mostly on what people are saying across the web and on tripadvisor. Enjoy!

Experience Jerash Roman Ruins

The Jerash Roman Ruins are one of the best preserved ruins of Rome in the world. Jerash's highlights includes Hippodrome, once home to a chariot race that saw up to 15,thousands spectators, the Cardo Maximus, that was once the city's main street, and Hadrian's Arch, constructed to commemorate Emperor Hadrian's visit.

The area is very well preserved that it is easy to think the greatness of the city once and the site’s history really coming to life. Jerash Ruins will be one of your favorite stops on your Jordan itinerary.

Explore Petra

Let Petra surprise you. This attraction, the New World’s 7 Wonders, has been delighting modern visitors ever since Jean Louis Burckhardt the Swiss explorer rediscovered a lost city over 200 years back. It will take at least 48 hours to reach all points of interest around Petra, this includes more than 8 hundred listed tourist attractions.

Though if you’ve more time, you would not be disappointed to spend it here. Walking through the historic center as it is in a good state of conservation is an unprecedented experience. It wastes no time trying to impress tourists.

Upon entering you will see the mysterious Djinn Block, a magnificent stone monument whose primary purpose is still not known, followed by the Tomb of Obelisk. This is just one example of the great coming sites.

Swim in the Dead Sea

Plan a natural spa experience in the Dead Sea. Start by rubbing some mud into your skin (most Dead Sea hotels offer sea mud), then soak in the mineral-rich water. Relaxation is the order of the day here: people don't play in the water or swim here, just swim.

High levels of salt are good for the skin and provide buoyancy, but can be sore to the eyes and open wounds, so be careful not to touch your eyes, submerge your head, or go into the water with freshly shaved cuts or scars.

Therapeutic Muds experience

The Dead Sea minerals have healing properties, and many people book retreats to help with ailments. Take advantage of the spa that uses the healing waters of the Dead Sea and treat yourself to a retreat in pure luxury.

When you rub the mud on the skin, it becomes soft like a baby's bottom. You will also find that the salt is very strong and the shell smells bad. It's good to have a bucket of cool water handy.

Explore Fort Amman

Atop Jebel Al Qala'a Hill, overlooking the Jordanian capital, are the ancient ruins of Fort Amman. The site near the center of Amman dates to the 8th century BC.

And includes spectacular ruins of Rome, such as the Temple of Hercules, the Umayyad Palace, a Byzantine church, and the Jordan Archaeological Museum. This is a great place for photographers to take some amazing photos of the ruins surrounded by beige buildings in the old city.

See Madaba

"City of Mosaics" is famous for its collection of Umayyad art and Byzantine, including stunning mosaic maps of the Land of Holiness. In the early days of Christians, the city was an essential stop on the King's Highway route for trade, and was as a result home to a number of churches.

About 746 AD, most of this city was damaged by earthquake and was abandoned, only to be discovered in 1880 with its treasures preserved miraculously.

The Hilltop Umm Qais Settlement

On the borders of Syria, Israel, Palestine, and Jordan, the Umm Qais ancient city offers views of the Galilee Sea ​​ and the Golan Heights. Previously known as the Decapolis the Gadara city, Umm Quais today represents Roman city ruins built on top of a former Ottoman village.

Although much less properly preserved than Jerash, the ruins include a theater, a main buildings, and street that were once occupied by houses, temples, and shops. Umm Qais is equally heralded as the miracle site where, Jesus cast demons from humans into pigs, according to the Bible.

Experience the Wadi Rum

Head to the Jordan southern region and take in the most fantastic sights in the world – Wadi Rum. Equally known as the Moon Valley, this valley of granite cliffs and sandstone is an otherworldly towering cliffs, massive sand dunes, swirling arches, and caves experience.

You can hike through canyons or a passionate Arabian horse, harness and climb sandstone mountains, ride a camel, and kick up sand on an ATV tour.

Experience Bedouin Culture

Although most Bedouin (from the Arabic bedu, meaning "desert dweller") in Jordan are no longer completely nomadic, their culture of hospitality survives. Visitors can learn about Bedouin history and traditions through various activities, including medicinal herb climbing, Arabic coffee experiences, and weaving goat hair tents offered by the Bedouin community around Feynan Ecolodge.

Explore the Wadi Mujib Canyoning

Playing in the waters of Wadi Mujib for a day is one of our favorite activities in all of Jordan. Wadi Mujib is easily accessible from the Dead Sea and accessible during your stay. Gorge in the warm waters of Jordan is an amazing feeling that begins with rappelling down a waterfall into rushing water.

Wearing a PFD (life jacket), we swam in the pool, slid down natural slides, and slid down narrow canyons. It was a great way to escape the heat and start our adventure.

Experience Dana Biosphere Reserve Tour

In a region where the landscape is almost totally pink desert and also red rock mountains, the Dana Biosphere Reserve is a fresh air breath (intending pun). Dana is nature’s largest reserve in Jordan, covering approximately 320 square kilometers close to the Great Valley of Rift.

The cool climate at the top of the mountain is the ideal environment for different types of plants and animals, including the kestrel, Syrian wolf, sand cat and antelope. If you like hiking, then you must go for a visit here. There are a number of trails that last anywhere from a few hrs to several days.

Discover Amman

There is no list of the top fun things to do in Jordan is complete without the mention of Amman. Jordan's bustling capital is an amazing mix of new and old, built on seven hills and its home to a modern metropolis and ancient ruins. Experience the historic fort, the Temple of Rome of Hercules, and the Umayyad Palace of the 8th-century.

For a peculiar cultural experience, walk down the hill to the Amphitheatre of Rome, a masterpiece stone of the 2nd-century that still hosts cultural activities. This is the ideal place the locals and to meet the Jordanian experience culture.

Explore Jordan Baptist Site

A relatively new addition to the World Heritage of UNESCO List, the baptism site, Bethany off the Jordan River, is believed to be the original baptismal site of Jesus and the place of residence of John the Baptist. Being close to the narrow waterway that separates Israel and Jordan is a real thing and it is common for baptisms to take place on the Israeli side of the site.


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