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Best Guide to staying healthy on vacation

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Imagine that after spending months fantasizing and planning about your vacation, only to discover yourself catching bugs within few days into your trip. This is a farmiliar situation with even the most experienced travelers! It could be a belly problem caused by consuming something that wasn't prepared to the highest standards of health, after a long plane flight you catch a cold, train or bus ride you feel plain tired.

Falling sick can really ruin your vacation and prevent you from going on future vacations! Staying healthy during your vacation should always be the key thing in the mind of anyone looking to stay healthy on vacation.

Disclaimer: For years now, the Allo Traveller  team of experts has been researching and gathering vital information about some of the health challenges travelers encounter while on vacation, and some of the key possible solutions to them. This is a broad topic, and understandably we can't cover everything in an article as this. So what you have here is a compressed yet highly informative and helpful write up to help you stay healthy on vacation.

There is a big misunderstanding that connects these words; travel, vacations and everything that includes weight gain. One does not have to be the same as the other. We will share some mindful habits you can practice to remain healthy and maintain (or even lose) your weight during your vacation. In fact, traveling can be the perfect time to reset your wellness clock and align with what your physical and mental health really need to function at its best.

Vacations mean getting away from it all and trying new things, including local cuisine. While it's nice to get a taste of the vacation spots, you want to avoid bringing back some extra weight when you return from your vacation. Many traveller have gotten sick several of times while on vacation and that turn out to be very challenging.

However even bad bugs and diseases should not prevent you from going on your dream vacation. Rather, you can learn to expect the best yet be ready for the worst. For this reason, today we want to dedicate an article to you.

How you can remain healthy during your vacation

Carry along some food:

It's tempting to consume every meal in town, but it's downright unhealthy. Restaurant meals tend to be higher in fat and higher in calories. If you don't plan ahead, you'll likely end up consuming hundreds of extra calories a day than usual.

Instead, just pack some food for your vacation. Maybe snacks and breakfast are a good starting point. Plan to bring with you some meals (it's vacation time, anyways!), but also make a plan ahead so as to keep your calories and your waistline in check.

Avoid the minibar:

Your small hotel fridge is full of snacks and drinks packed with sugar and salt. Instead of raiding the minibar, pick up snacks at your local farmer's market or grocery store and stock your room with simple snacks like fresh fruit, nuts, seeds and chopped vegetables, along with plenty of water.

Get vaccinated right before going on vacation:

First of all get vaccinated. Right before starting your next travel adventure, make sure you visit a travel clinic and ensure your vaccinations are complete. This is vital to keeping you immune and prepared for the unknown health challenges that await you in your next destination.

Stay hydrated:

The more water you drink, the more toxins you excrete, you get more energy and you also control what you eat. Sometimes we grab a snack when we should be reaching for some H2O because our bodies crave more water. Dehydration is common when traveling, so keep filling your water bottles with water as you go!

Keep a routine:

It can be very tempting to leave the day open and throw your schedule calender out the window while you're on vacation. However, if you have a similar routine at home, you can maintain healthier habits while traveling. If you adopt the healthier habits mentioned in this article while on vacation, it will be easier to maintain those habits once you get home to your zip code.

Take time to exercise:

You don't need to follow a specific routine, but it's essential to make time to exercise. If you are in the hotel, use their gym. If you don't like this idea, consider exploring the city by trekking instead of driving. There are plenty of ways to get some exercise while on vacation during the day. Your health will be better when you get home if you make it a priority to do some exercise while on vacation.

Eat breakfast

Although vacation plans can deviate from the local routine, don't skip the first meal of the day. During your stay at a resort, enjoy a buffet breakfast or lunch and fill your stomach with fruits, salads and whole grains like whole grain bread or oatmeal. When you go out for breakfast, choose lean proteins like eggs and fruit.

Stay void of jet lag:

Do not let jet lag ruin the first few days of your vacation. When traveling with a large time zone change, start adjusting to the different time on board. Set the clock to the local time at your destination and change your sleeping/eating habits even before you board the plane.

If you need to get a full night's sleep before your 14-hour flight, try sleeping on the plane so you can arrive at your destination set to local time. If you have trouble sleeping on the plane, buy a good neck pillow and put some Gravol (also known as dimenhydrinate) tablets or sleeping pills to help you fall asleep. Good sleep is the key to a healthy trip!

Walk... anywhere, everywhere:

The more steps you take, the better. Hiking is a great way to enjoy the scenery while you travel and stay healthy. It worth stating that the physical and mental power of walking should never be underestimated because it is good for the joints, boosts morale, and helps control weight. Go and win!

Sleep well:

What happens if you turn off the alarm and sleep until your body wakes up naturally? What will happen? This is a fantastic exercise for learning about your individual sleep needs. I've found some helpful tips for sleeping better while traveling: Ask for a quieter room.

If possible, get a room on the top floor. Request a room away from the kitchen area or the main hallway. Try not to eat or drink excessively before bedtime (at least 2-3 hours before bedtime). Limit alcohol consumption before bed. If you're a light sleeper, bring earplugs, an eye patch, and a white noise kit to cover all other noise variables.

Don't try to be perfect...have fun:

Don't limit yourself to the point where you feel inadequate. After all, the holidays are a time to recharge and let go. If you're craving delicious ice cream, delicious nachos, or a delicious tall margarita, go for it!

The key is moderation, not total restriction, because you don't want to fall into the trap of overdoing it while you're away. You don't have to cut anything completely; Make sure you have your balance to prevent your train from going completely off the track. Perfection isn't the goal, but keeping your balance will make you feel really, really good!

Hopefully, these thoughtful tips will help you stay healthy and possibly manage your weight during your next vacation. If not, they can encourage you to adopt healthy habits that you can practice at home or try a wellness retreat to start your transformation.

Ultimately, you want to return from your trip or vacation feeling refreshed, not deflated, and ready to conquer, not unable to beat it. The best thing about all this is that you can always be the best version of yourself before, during and after your vacation!


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