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The Best Things To Do In The Sahara Desert

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Being the biggest & driest desert in the world, it can be said that there are quite few spots on earth like the desert of Sahara. The endless sea of ​​dunes in distinct gold shades is the ideal display for a an unforgettable lifetime vacation full of fun, adventure and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. It seems that there is nothing but sky and sand, but there is much can do in the desert of Sahara.

Disclaimer: This article is based on years of in-depth research. This is a vast topic and we could not cover everything in a post as this, so what you have is a condensed yet highly informative version. Enjoy!

After all, what more could you need from a hot desert?

If you are preparing for a vacation to Egypt, Morocco & the Sahara is not in your travel plans, we encourage you to rethink. In short, we recommend that you shorten your plans in Marrakech so that you may spend more than one night in the desert of Sahara.

Deserts don't always have amazing attractions besides the obvious dunes. It is simply magic. The Sahara is one if not the most unique regions of Morocco that you will visit. Sure, there are people who make a living from the visitors, though their style of living is not seen elsewhere in Morocco.

When to visit the Sahara

Each season in Morocco has unique charm, though summer is the best time to avoid when exploring the Moroccan Sahara. Between June & September the sun is too hot & there are too many insects to let feel good. Winter can be handled if you dress warm; though, the ideal time to travel to the Sahara is definitely spring or fall.

In October, the scorching summer heat has passed, but it's still lovely after sunset. Springs has the same temperature, but sand storms are more common between February & April. Caused by powerful gusts of wind kicking up the top layer of sand, the sandstorms here are often harmless & pass within minutes, but sandstorms can remain a stressful experience sunglasses & a scarf are essential.

As not likely as it may sounds, the Sahara can get quite cold. At night, mostly in January and December, temperatures drop dramatically and if you live in a Berber camps in the middle of the dunes, you'll be happy to bring an extra fur or a sleep bag full of fur.

What to wear in the Sahara

Morocco is more of a religious place than a tourist destination, so it is best to wear traditional clothing when traveling to the Sahara. And women may be asked to cover body parts that are considered private. And you usually have to cover yourself well before reaching the hottest desert, the Sahara.

Desert of Sahara Spa Day

The residents of Merzouga swear by the properties of healing of Sahara desert and they now teach guest how to make use of it to their gains. At dawn, the men of Berber dig openings in the dunes of the desert, where guest can lie down for about thirty minutes (there's water!).

This "bath of sand” is known to be helpful for limbs, sore, muscles and also some skin conditions, and is more so in the summer. It may not be the world most conventional spa, however it is definitely ideal to enjoy the Sahara this way!

Shop like a local

What better way to establish yourself as a local than to wander the streets of Egypt looking for something that might wow your friends? Get ready to explore the Egyptian market.

Camel Carriage Rides

Camel rides to overnight camps are common on an organized tour. They aren’t the most suitable animals to ride & your guide will always walk with the camel carriage. But it is essential in life. As soon as you arrive in the desert, there is no shortage of workers who will offer to accompany you any journey. Therefore, it is much cheaper to organize the trip on arrival.

White Desert Tour

Introduces backpackers to one of the best and most incredible parts of the Sahara. The White Desert was once part of a gradually decaying ocean of history. Once part of fauna and flora, this isolated place is now occupied by many strangely shaped white sand cliffs. You have to come here to experience the best of this peaceful place, both in the morning and in the evening at sunset.


There’re lots of opportunities to rent sand boards, snowboards, & sand skis around the much populated sand dunes. It's theme to do it once/twice though there is no chair lift so you have to trek back to the dunes everytime time. To increase ski performance, rub wax into the base. Otherwise, you can always use a shovel and rope.

Star gazing

Of all the the desert of Sahara things to do list, this is perhaps the most exciting. Without visible light pollution, you'll have a clearer sight of the starry Sahara sky upon you. You will be amazed by the myriad of stars, the intense deafening silence and the blue sky that surrounds you at nightfall. Aspiring astronomers should definitely download the stargazing free app to find International Space Station, planets, and also constellations!

Sitting by a campfire

This may be new to you, but there is a lot of dead wood to get in the desert of Sahara. Dead bushes also make good firewood and make the fire burn very quickly. Gather enough firewood, build a fireplace, place the grill on hot coals and start cooking!

There's not much like it and you'll never need to microwave your prepared food! It gets very cold in the desert of Sahara at night, most especially during the winter months, & a campfire is a nice way for you to remain hot.

Shiva Oasis Tour

Covering thousands of olive and date trees, the site allows tourists to experience what an oasis feels like. Natural springs, enchanting gardens and enchanting wetlands will never take your eyes off you. And it is the ideal destination to plan a holiday trip to the Sahara.

Wildlife viewing

After the fire and dinner, leave leftovers close to your campsite and wait for the local area wildlife to show up for a snack at midnight. The gerbils will most likely show up first, & if you're lucky, the shy fox of the desert may stop to sniff. Try this for some nights & the fox shall get bolder & give you great photo opportunities. If you are very lucky, you might even see one of the very last Dorcas deer in Morocco.

Watch a sunrise (or sunset!)

Sunrises and Sunsets are wonderful in every part of the earth, however there's something exciting about the manner in which the sky’s warm colors paint the golden dunes of sand. Like stargazing, the deafening quietness at the beginning or end of the day creates the perfect setting to explore the colors of kaleidoscope that conquers the Sahara.

Stated above are some of the essential things to have in mind while traveling through the world’s largest desert that keeps thousands of secrets in your body and is ready to surprise you.


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