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Experience Some Of The World’s Most Popular Tourist Destinations

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As the saying goes, the world is an oyster and that's exactly how this great old oyster, which we all call our home, has thousands of wonderful places like Precious Pearls. It is always fun to take a vacation opportunity and travel to the top popular tourist destinations in order appreciate the beauty that the world has to offer.

If you’re an experienced backpacker or you are just someone looking for a vacation in one destination, we do have so many distinct destinations around the world that you can pick from. It’s hard to reduce your options with somany beautiful destinations, for this reason to save you time, prevent you from spending too much time to plan and give you more time to travel; we have compiled a list of the 5 of the world’s most important and popular travel destinations.

Disclaimer: This list is based on in-depth research and the comments made on tripadvisor. Clearly there are several other fantastic places you can go to arround the world, so what we wrote here is as compressed as possible yet highly informative. Enjoy!

5 best backpacker’s/ traveler's destination

Over the years, traveling with a backpack has become a familiar way to travel because you can immerse yourself in a local lifestyle whilst reducing travel costs. If you want to live an adventurous life, we have five places for you to consider the next time you get to pack to travel.

Great Barrier Reef; Queensland:

Immerse yourself in the unreal beauty of 2,300 km off the coast in northeastern of Queensland Australia and get to swim with the countless aquatic creatures in their own natural habitat, which also happens to be the largest living creatures on the Earth! With thousands reef consisting of more than 600 species of soft and hard corals, this is happens to be one of the most impressive tourist destinations to travel to in the world.

Also On the land, take a short break and relax on Whitehaven Beach. Evethough, if you can’t find enough water, you could as well sail in a sea of turquoise cliffs.

Costa Rica:

When you yearn for nature, this land is full of natural landscapes, from lush tropical forests to wide beaches and beautiful volcanoes. A Central America vacation will be a fantastic trip overall! From surfboards to yoga mats, the several activities taking place here are endless.

Take a walk and find interesting wildlife such as monkeys, birds, iguanas and sloths in Manuel Antonio National theme Park.  Also enjoy the sun and swim on the beach. Furthermore, you can immerse yourself in a cave full of impressive bats or volcanoes. Do I have to list other reasons why this place is one of the world’s best vacation spots? Convince yourself & find the ideal adventure for you in this land blessed by Mother Nature!

Macchu Picchu:

If you decide to take a vacation to Peru, take the advantage to visit the most famous archeological site on the earth. Like the Pyramids or the Mona Lisa, the Inca Fortress is an unforgettable sight that, given its size, it will surprise you: an old city that was never touch by the conquest of the Spaniards & it was practically forgotten right until the morning of the 20th century.

An experience made almost once in a life time. Prepare for a four-day hike along the Inca Trail. Though before getting discouraged, it’s a good idea to travel, as you will be rewarded having the views of this vast UNESCO heritage world site.

Phuket, Thailand:

Do you dare to feel exotic? Get lost not just in the jade waves on the white gold coast of the Andaman Sea, though also in its unique culture.

Pair with locals at the Thailand’s Phuket night weekend market or, as the local call it, at Naka market. There’re many things to purchase, such as fruits, antiques and clothing. If you don’t want to go shopping, get to spend the night on Bangla Road or sit back & enjoy the various cultural shows at the Phuket Fantasea display.

French Polynesia’s Tahiti:

The irregular volcanic peak rises above the blue lagoon, the fine sandy beach having the lush palm trees & other incredible natural wonders such as waterfalls: the quiet beaches of this beautiful island nation are much more than wonderful places. Answer your wanderings and feel the unique culture of French Polynesia; Tahiti.

You will discover the history of the Tahiti in its interesting beautiful museums, celebrate its culture at the yearly Heiva Festival happening in July, enjoy the exotic theme cuisine of the locals and learn languages near your heart in what appears to be like paradise. And these are just some of the things you're likely to explore in this place!


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