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Ultimate Bafoussam Travel Guide

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Bafoussam the largest city and capital of Cameroon’s West Region in the Mountains of Bamboutos. After Yaoundé and Douala, Bafoussam is the third largest city in Cameroon. This Bafoussam travel guide covers the Bafoussam’s Municipality (Communauté Urbaine), a decentralized local authority. The Municipality of Bafoussam (Urban Community), originally called Bafoussam Urban Municipality, was born after the Presidential Decree No. 2008/022 of 17 January 2008 and consists of three municipalities, namely: Bafoussam III parish (Bamougoum), Bafoussam II municipality (Baleng) and Bafoussam I municipality (currently Bafoussam).

Bafoussam is a clean, pretty and civilized city in the west of Cameroon. Due to the hierarchical organization of Cameroon, Bafoussam enjoys a central spot in the West. It is an important center of Bamiléké culture, especially of French culture of Bamiléké. Bafousam is known as a nightlife hub centered in an area called Akwa, equally known as a major tobacco, tea and coffee producing area. Apart from that, the city is full of many entertainment centers like, cinemas, supermarkets and restaurants. The major cities of Bafoussam are Quartier Haussa, Famla, Djeleng, Banego and Kamkop.

Best time to visit Bafoussam Cameroon:

The best time to visit Bafoussam is from November to February as the weather is more suitable for outdoor activities and remains pleasant. Bafoussam Cameroon experiences wet and dry tropic climate. The lowest temperature can reach 54°F in January and the highest temperature in Bafoussam can reach 91°F in January. September in Bafoussam is the month with the highest average daily rainfall being 11.74 mm.

How to get into Bafoussam: Bafoussam is at the crossroads of Foumban (and from there to West Adamawa), Yaoundé, Douala and Bamenda, and the Dschang road is a stone's throw away.

Agencies travelling to Bafoussam:

Most towns around offer cars that go to Bafoussam. In Yaoundé, General has a good reputation, but you can also try Merveilles, Binam ("sunset" in the local dialect) or any car that appears to be headed for Bafoussam. Most Bafoussam agencies tend to hire "loaders" to load their passenger bags and equally find passengers! I recommend you politely reply “None, merci “while holding your bag tightly to anyone who wants to direct you.

How to get around Bafoussam:

All travel within Bafoussam is by motorbike or taxi. You’ll be told what you must say to the taxi by most Bafoussam destinations. You can cross Bafoussam halfway for only 100 FCFA since taxis here are cheap. The "downtown" of Bafoussam is at Marché A, or Rond Point Biao. From here there are three roads, one to the west (which passes through Foumban and Foumbot before entering Western Adamawa; at Carrefour Total you’ll find available cars), one south (bracing in roads to Douala, Melong and, Bafang and another to Bafia, Bangangte and Yaoundé; at Gare Routière you will find available cars) and one going north (toward Bamenda and Carrefour Dschang; you will find available cars at Marché B).

The best things to do in Bafoussam Cameroon

Ever felt like "wow" when you travelled to a new place? This happens to many Bafoussam visitors. Bafoussam is a popular Cameroonian city that will surprise you. Bafoussam is an attractive tourist destination and is well worth a visit. You will be amazed at the myriad of activities and unique spots to explore in this hidden Cameroon tourist destination. You may want to travel to Bafoussam again someday for some rest or work. If you're planning to travel to Cameroon and aren't sure whether Bafoussam should be added to your Cameroon travel itinerary, I recommend that you read on. I have compiled in this list some of the best things to do in Bafoussam for tourist and digital nomads. I believe that you'll love adding this city to your itinerary.

Best Attractions in Bafoussam Cameroon

Akwa: This nice Bafoussam spot is known for its nightlife with many bars, restaurants and cafes (with a variety of delicious traditional seafood), and music venues.

Bafoussam Airport – This well-developed and modern airport, although it is currently not served by airlines, however it is open to visitors. The Bafoussam airport is located at approximately 1,325 meters above sea level.

Bafoussam markets: Bafoussam is home to two famous traditional shopping centers known as Marché B and Marché A, where you can purchase a colorful range of traditional jewellery, clothing and handicrafts.

Bafoussam Brewery: Bafoussam houses a brewery that supplies many types of wines to most parts of the city and its bars. The Bafoussam brewery is open only to permitted visitors and you can also taste traditional wines.

Other points of interest in and around Bafoussam are:

  • La Nouvelle Liberte
  • Marche des fleurs
  • Korup National Park
  • Doual’Art
  • The Basilique Marie Reine des Apôtres
  • Mus'art Gallery
  • Waza National Park
  • National Museum of Cameroon
  • Palais du sport
  • Afhemi museum
  • Akwa Palace Hotel
  • Notre Dame Des Victoires Cathedral
  • La Pagode

Where to shop in Bafoussam?

Bafoussam has two main supermarkets: Sim-Delices on the south side of Bafoussam (opposite PMUC building, you will find Sim-Delices taxi) and Le Point Plus at Rond Point Biao. There is equally Marchés A and B, with their usual collections of local groceries, African textiles and items imported from China.

Best Bafoussam restaurants: where to eat

There are street vendors selling snacks such as peanuts ("peanuts") just as in most Cameroonian cities, cookies, cream puffs, or coconut slices. There’re also many "cart" vendors selling fresh fruit like papaya or pineapple chunks. Look out for spaghetti omelet cart (shown by its stacked egg cartons). It's cheap (three eggs and spaghetti plus bread cost 500 FCFA) and it is very nutritious.

I recommend you equally check supermarkets/bakeries, which sometimes offer packaged foods like "sandwiches". La Boulangerie du Peuple for instance has some pretty good "pizzas" (no cheese, no meat) at 400 FCFA for each "slice". Sim-Delice sells cold cuts and bread, and you can even ask them to mix the two if you want.

Not far from Rond Point Biao is the neighborhood of Akwa, where women often cook chicken, fish or soybeans. There is equally a long building painted in Butter Jadida's colors and designs and made from used shipping containers. It is "divided" into a series of small rooms where specific chefs prepare salads and omelettes.

Maison Bambou (you will see a sign saying 'Chaowarma' on your left when you walk past the Jadida building. And Walk down the street for about 20 meters). The shawarma here taste quite decent, eventhough it’s not "real" shawarma. You can also try out "Fajita", 2000 FCFA, which equally taste like authentic Thai food that cost between 1000 to 2000 FCFA.

Best Bafoussam bars: where to drink

You will find bars everywhere in this Cameroonian city. Popular bars in Bafoussam include:

Easy-Look bar Akwa (find the road to Akwa from Rond Point Biao, (it's not paved and head east) - it's a cafe with a big terrace on the left). Easy-Look is the name of the hotel above the bar and not the name of the bar. The Peace Corps volunteers stay here. A bottle of beer cost 550-600 FCFA.

Facebook bar Akwa. Very classy spot that appeals to both tourist and vacation nomads.

Carrefour le Maire, Boulangerie du Peuple. This beautiful spot has a nice terrace where drinks are served, with enough food. A bottle of beer here cost from 600-700 FCFA.

Best Bafoussam hotels: where to sleep

Bafoussam hotels for tourist and digital nomads are many and modern. I equally recommend that you head 250 kilometers from Bafoussam to the city of Douala, which houses many modern hotels with varying levels of quality of services and facilities. The most famous Bafoussam hotels in and around Douala where tourist on a Bafoussam vacation can sleep are the following:

Hotel Zingana: This well-equipped Bafoussam hotel is one of the most popular hotels in the city and it is inspired by the Bamileke tradition. This Bafoussam hotel equally houses shops selling traditional artifacts and handicrafts.

Residence Sare Hotel: This Bafoussam hotel has many great reviews from several tourist and is situated at Kamkop, Bafoussam, Cameroon.

Altitel Hotel: This Bafoussam hotel is popular for its great customer care services and is situated on the road to Bamenda, in front of Tankou College, Bafoussam, Cameroon.

  • Nanjiki Residence Bafoussam Cameroon.
  • INO HOTEL Bafoussam.
  • PESSI HOTEL Bafoussam, Cameroon.

Best Travel ideas for Visiting Bafoussam, Cameroon

It's always good to brush up on essential Bafoussam, Cameroon travel tips, whether you're visiting for the first time or not. I have put together a list of Bafoussam, Cameroon travel tips for tourist and digital nomads.

Reserve your Bafoussam rental car before you go: The availability of rental cars (at reasonable prices) is one thing that has changed dramatically in the past year. Including in Bafoussam, Cameroon, car rental costs have increased in double digits around the world. That's why I decided to start our list of travel tips for visiting Bafoussam, Cameroon with these spot on recommendations. Verify the prices of Bafoussam rental cars and availability (if you need it) before purchasing your bus tickets. Book your bus and then proceed to book a Bafoussam rental car. This will saves you the predictable inconvenience of being aware that that your Bafoussam rental car is more expensive than your bus ticket.

Book your bus early: The present (and future) Bafoussam travel landscape makes it impossible to predict bus ticket prices and ideal times to purchase. Therefore, generally it is better to book your bus as soon as you can. 7 times out of 9, the price will go up closer to your travel date.

Carry more than a credit card: Many companies in Bafoussam, Cameroon don’t take certain card such AMEX card. But even if you bring both Mastercard and Visa, you can still use more than a credit card if anything goes wrong to one of your cards.

Purchase a travel insurance that covers Covid-19: It is very possible that travel plans will be cancelled due to Covid. Purchasing travel insurance that covers cancellations due to Covid will protect you financially.

Book refundable Bafoussam vacation rental homes or hotels: Airbnb has made its hosts to offer a flexible cancellation policy and this is a plus. Whether you choose to stay at Bafoussam hotels or an Airbnb, book a refundable hotel "just in case”. Also with Pruvo, you can benefit from reduced fees after booking, if you book a refundable Bafoussam hotel, and save hundreds of dollars on your Bafoussam hotel.

Join Facebook groups for Bafoussam Travel: This groups are worth it! Look for Bafoussam travel tips in specific Facebook groups, not in general travel groups. Join the one or two Facebook groups that have the most participation.

Off-Season Travel: If you choose to travel to Bafoussam during the off-season, you can save 25-40% on your trip to Bafoussam Cameroon. I recommend this tip for tourist and digital nomads looking to avoid the Bafoussam crowds.

Bottom line: If you are visiting for the first time, you can book Bafoussam tours with Allo Traveller. We have a variety of tours and activities in Bafoussam, Cameroon. Bafoussam is a beautiful and event filled city and it’s waiting for your arrival.



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