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Ultimate Travel Guide: 10 Best Places To Visit In Cameroon

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Often called Africa in miniature, Cameroon is a vibrant country with abundant soul and life. The best places to visit in Cameroon are in its big, vibrant cities. My country of origin Cameroon, is located in the central-western part of Africa, having large expanses of beaches, rainforests, and mountains. After visiting all 10 regions of my country, I found out that the land in Cameroon is as different as the language, having over 230 ethnic languages ​​complementing the French and English speaking areas.

The country’s wildlife diversity in its various natural parks offers many opportunities for nature lovers to see exotic and rare creatures. Big Gorillas are widespread in Campo Ma'an National Park in the south of the country, and giraffes, hyenas, and elephants appear in other theme parks.

I was born in Bamenda Cameroon and spent most of my teen life travelling the 10 regions of my country. The different parts the country are easily accessible due to good roads (by air, water or land), several public transport companies, and good network.

Looking to go for a Cameroon vacation?

The country located in Bonny Bay in the Gulf of Guinea. After visiting every region in the 10 region country, I can authoritatively say that this equatorial country is blessed with dense tropical jungles that are home to a wide variety of fauna and flora. The Atlantic coast offers geographical features (waterfalls and volcanoes) and beautiful beaches that make Cameroon a worthy and attractive tourist destination. Due to the political instability in the west of Cameroon, I recommend you contact the local authorities before you go to there.


What about the history of Cameroon?

My country Cameroon was home to the Sao civilization until the arrival of the Portuguese in 1472, Germany’s colonization of Cameroon in 1884, and the division of power between France and England until its independence in 1960, creating a diverse heritage and rich history for the country, that equally promotes historical and archaeological tourism making Cameroon an ideal vacation spot.

Is Cameroon conducive for digital nomads?

Driving around with your own vehicle is much smoother in Cameroon than in other Africa countries thanks to good conditions of the roads. Public transportation is equally way better than in many other parts of African, the unlikelihood of traffic means you'll never be stuck in one spot in the country. Overall, the combination of music, epic land, and a lot of culture makes Cameroon a great African destination. Also digital nomads get to enjoy high speed internet and fantastic work spaces in some of the countries world class hotels and vacation rentals.


Now let’s explore 10 best places to visit in Cameroon

Kribi’s Waterfalls; Chutes de la Lobe

Also referred to as "the waterfall by the sea", it is one of the equatorial region’s largest waterfalls and one of the most popular vacation spots in Cameroon. This place has great scenic beauty and equally makes easy boat rides across the river, organized by private firms, which is highly recommended for guest who come to this place.

Plage de Grand Batanga - Londji des pecheurs Village - is the Kribi beach recommended for its peaceful and calm atmosphere. Londji Village des Pecheurs village is an ecotourism center. It is a major attraction for environmental tourists and wildlife photographers. This place is mainly known for its seafood and fish dishes.



Most West African countries may not be popular for their beautiful cities, but Yaounde the capital of Cameroon certainly is. This well-designed city is spread over seven hills, which entails that many of the city's buildings are separated by lush greenery and gently sloping terrain.

Apart from the design, Yaounde is safe and clean, with many attractions. Government buildings from the 1970s will appeal to culture lovers and will look unusual to say the least. Given Yaoundé's central location, it's equally an ideal city to add to your Cameroon tour list.


Located in the western region of Cameroon, this city is growing rapidly and in the last 20 years, its population has multiplied tenfold. The top attractions of Dschang are the Civilizations Museum, which puts forth the history of Cameroon through culture and tribes, and the Cinema center, which looks like a film focused museum.


Located in western Cameroon, this city is the artistic and cultural center of the Bamiléké tribe. The Palace of the chief and the Bandjoun Cheferie are Bafoussam’s two of the best preserved Bamiléké sites. Foumban houses the Royal Palace and the Bamoun Museum of Tradition and Arts. This lively city has several restaurants, markets and internet cafes where digital nomads can explore.

There is also a cinema center here. Although Bafoussam is a popular vacation spot, the nightlife is mostly focused in the district of Akwa, which takes its name from the nearby suburb of Douala. There’re many shops and bars, as well as a live music spots. You can equally find sellers of soybeans, satay meat and common fish. It is very common to find soccer players here!


Limbe Botanical Center / Wildlife Center

Formerly known as Victoria, Limbe is a port city that recalls the German and British colonial past and is in turn responsible for the region’s complex fauna and flora, from cocoa to coffee plantations, rubber and exotic plants, which places Limbe on the list of recommended places to visit in Cameroon.

An exception among Africa’s zoos is the Limbe Wildlife center. One of the country’s most protected parks, offering its residents a near-natural habitat and offering an experience in contact with nature. The center is active in rescuing endangered and abused animals. Due to the political instability here, remember to contact the local authorities before you visit.


Bafut Palace

It’s make the list of impressive places to visit in Cameroon because of its cultural packages. The Palace is one of the most essential cultural and historical sites in Cameroon and if you love to see how the country’s history evolved from its past then this spot is worth a visit.

The Bafut palace consists of 50 buildings, with each building managed by a team of craftsmen. Bafut hails from Tikari and its traditions and culture are well preserved in its palace. Situated in the highlands of the North Western region, Bafut Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Due to the political instability here, remember to contact the local authorities before you visit.



This city is capital of northwestern region of Cameroon and is a fantastic city with all the comforts and conveniences a traveler needs. The Bamenda will interest as it is a great place to access the highlands of the country, which offer hidden villages and beautiful lush landscapes.

The surrounding lush countryside is a great place for mountain hiking, biking, and finding some off-the-radar restaurants and guest houses. Due to the political instability here, remember to contact the local authorities before you visit.



Not too green and lush, Maroua still has its charm. The streets are very dusty, gritty and red and color of the houses here are a dull beige, but the local clothing color brings a lot of spice to the city. The city is an ideal spot to experience the Cameroonian culture, and its vibrant markets are some of the country’s best.

Maroua is equally an ideal base for tourist wishing to visit the Mandara Mountains in the country north regions. Due to instability here, remember to contact the local authorities before you visit.



The port city is of great commercial and geographical importance and hosts the Cathedral of Saint Peter and Saint Paul and the Maritime Museum, Doul'Art as local cultural centers. Douala is vital for transport through the country and has only a few centers of culture.

I recommend that you drive through the central highlands from this city to Nkongsamba for an exciting experience. The four-hour trip is a pleasure to explore the beauty of various landscapes such as waterfalls, valleys and travel under the vibrant horizon (ideal for watching the night sky).


Waza National Park

Located some 180 miles north of Maroua is the Waza National Park. It looks quite distinct throughout the 4 seasons, but it's often a great spot to see some of the most spectacular wildlife of Cameroon, including hyenas, giraffes and elephants. You can explore the park using Self-driving vehicles, but a guide is required. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as you're more likely to see wildlife with a local guide who knows what he's doing.


The bottom line is Cameroon remains one of the best places to visit in Africa in terms of cultural and geographical heritage. The country has so many theme spots, from the hotels to the resorts, which is understandable that I couldn’t cover all in an article such as this.

However if you’re planning to go for a Cameroon vacation and have questions not already answered in this write up, you can contact us for a more elaborate guide, post a comment about what you think I left out in this article or subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated with our next articles about Cameroon for tourist and digital nomads!


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