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Ultimate Bamenda Cameroon Travel Guide

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Bamenda is a beautiful city in the northwest of Cameroon. Bamenda Cameroon is surrounded by lush vegetation and beautiful mountains, making it the perfect travel destination for lovers of nature. This is a hidden gem is definitely worth a visit and cannot be overlooked by travelers. Making it an ideal place to explore Bamenda Cameroon offers a unique mix of tradition and culture.

Having more than 20 different ethnic groups, Bamenda Cameroon is a very interesting place to visit. The city's cuisine architecture, and festivals reflects its diversity. A great place to learn about the local Bamenda culture is in the Nkwen Market and main market. From fresh spices and produce to clothing and handicrafts, you will find a wide variety of products. Bamenda is well known to visitors for its cool and healthy climate and charming hill station.

Also known as the town of Mankon or Abakwa, Bamenda has ties to the Tikar people and in 1884 was colonized by the Germans before passing to England and France. Also the University Of Bamenda is found in this Cameroon city. Bamenda Cameroon is also known for the production of coffee that is grown throughout the city, apart from palaces, museums and markets. Approximately 1,610 meters above sea level, Bamenda Cameroon is located between 5°56' N latitude and 10°10' E longitude.

What is the climate of Bamenda Cameroon?

The dry season is mostly cloudy and very hot, while the wet season is overcast, humid, and mild. Temperatures typically range from 15 to 27°C Throughout the year, rarely falling below 15°C or exceeding 30°C.

What is the best time to travel to Bamenda Cameroon?

The best travel time of the year to Bamenda Cameroon according to the tourist rating is from the ending November to the ending February for hot weather activities.

Without learning about its rich heritage, your trip to Bamenda would not be complete. You can learn about the history, traditions and works of art of Bamenda Cameroon through the artistic and cultural activities. Visiting Bamenda's art events will provide entertainment, visiting cultural attractions will be informative. Continue reading this Bamenda Cameroon travel guide to learn more from historical monuments to cultural performances that give you a glimpse into the city’s past.

History of Bamenda: The amalgamation of three vilages, namely Nkwen, Mendakwe and Mankon formed the city of Bamenda Cameroon. Bamenda experienced some 30 years of German rule beginning in 1884 before Germany's defeat in World War I. Bamenda, along with other towns in western Cameroon, after this major incident became part of Great Britain and in 1961it finally gained independence.

How to get into Bamenda Cameroon: The Bamenda airport exist with no daily scheduled flights but has charter flights. There are highways to Yaoundé and Douala, where the main airports are found. The bamenda road are very good with very small potholes. Traveling to Bamenda by road, it takes about 8 hours by bus and 6 hours by car from Douala Cameroon.

Ultimate transport guide for getting around Bamenda Cameroon

Taxi transport is the ideal way to get around Bamenda. Aside being so plentiful and cheap, taxis will take you to all main Bamenda attractions. If you want a more convenient and comfortable means of transportation around town, you can equally rent a private car and a driver. You can as well rent a motorbike if you're feeling adventurous, and explore the city alone. However, to ensure your safety, be sure to follow the rules of the road and wear a helmet.

Discover top things to do in Bamenda Cameroon

Have you ever felt “wow” when you visited a new place? It happens to many Cameroon tourists when they visit Bamenda.

Bamenda is one of the popular Cameroonian cities you should visit on a Cameroon vacation. Bamenda Cameroon is a smaller and beautiful tourist destination and is well worth a visit. The unique places to explore and things to do in this hidden tourist destination will amaze you.

You may want to visit again Bamenda Cameroon one day for some relaxation and rest.

If aren't sure whether Bamenda should be included in your itinerary when planning to visit Cameroon, then read on. In this Bamenda Cameroon travel guide we have compiled various activities in and around Bamenda. We think you'll be happy to include this Cameroon city in your travel plans.

Activities to do in Bamenda Cameroon:

  • Visit museums
  • Hiking
  • Shopping

5 best things to do in Bamenda, Cameroon

Bamenda Cameroon is a city full of beautiful surprises. This charming city offers much to see and do. Some of the top things to do in Bamenda Cameroon include:

Experience Bamenda Ring Road: With a length of 367 KM, the Ring Road of Bamenda starts in Bamenda, passes through many beautiful places such as Bafut village, Wum village, Nkambe village, and Kumbo village and finally ends back in Bamenda. This route allows those on a trip to Bamenda to explore many famous natural attractions, like Mount Oku and the Kimbi Game Reserve.

Fon of Bali’s Palace: Located near the city of Bali, about 20 kilometers from Bamenda Cameroon, Bali Fon Palace is known for its robust construction and ancient architectural design.

Oku Mountain: At approximately 10,000 feet (3,011 meters) above sea level on the Bamenda Ring Road is the Oku Mountain. This stratovolcano is best explored on a guided tour and contains many remarkable rocks, some with a history dating back 25 million years.

Menchum Falls: Located approximately 80 kilometers north of Bamenda Cameroon is the Menchum Falls, a spectacular natural beauty that receives its water from the Menchum River. It is worth a visit though expect to find some little difficulties accessing it. Bamenda Cameroon visitors can take a guided tour or even enlist the help of the locals to make accessing the falls easy.

Fon of Mankon’s Palace: The focus of the Fon of Mankon’s Palace and Museum is to display the Mankon culture and tradition. This is aimed at presenting those who have a distinctive style of celebrating festivals, ethnic groups of the region, and are among the original settlers. This museum is located on the outskirts of Mankon Bamenda Cameroon.

Best Bamenda foods

With a wide variety of delicious dishes, Bamenda is a foodie's paradise.

3 best Bamenda foods?

Bamenda dishes are a mix of different European and African influences. Here are some local Bamenda foods that you must try:

Ndolé: Ndolé is a soup made from peanuts and bitter leaf. This is a popular Cameroon dish is often served with rice or plantains.

Koki: This delicious Bamenda food is made with peas ground into a paste and then boiled in banana leaves. Often served with a spicy sauce, Koki is a staple in Bamenda.

Achu: This Bamenda food is the favorite of many locals and even tourists. It is a dish made from boiled and pounded cocoyam. Achu is usually served with a spicy soup made from vegetables and meat.

Where to drink in Bamenda Cameroon

Bamenda offers many beautiful drinking spots for both locals and tourists. With a variety of drinks from local palm wine to homemade beer and foreign drinks, there’s something to drink for all those on a Bamenda vacation. Some of the best Bamenda bars include:

  • Dreamland snack bar Nkwen, Bamenda.
  • Nganda Bar, Bamenda.
  • Buea-Bamenda Street Bar.
  • Behindche Tap Bamenda.
  • Akebe bar Bamenda.
  • Blue Bar Jonction Bamenda.
  • Watson bar Bamenda.
  • Le Biberon Bar situated at Funcha street junction Bamenda.
  • Awsome quiet bar, Bamenda Cameroon.

Best Bamenda Markets For Shopping

Are you looking for a great market to shop in Bamenda Cameroon? This ultimate Bamenda travel guide covers 2 of the most equipped Bamenda markets for those traveling to Bamenda.

Central Marché de Bamenda (Bamenda Main Market): Bamenda Main Market is closed on Sundays from 08:00 to 17:00. You will find everything you are looking for in this crowded Bamenda market like cloths, food stuff, appliances and much more at a very subsidized price.

Marché Nkwen (Nkwen Market). This popular Bamenda market closes every Sunday from 06:00 AM to 17:30 PM.

Best Bamenda hotels and guest houses

There are several Bamenda hotels and guest homes to sleep in. The most popular is Ayaba Hotel Bamenda Cameroon. There are several other commercial Bamenda hotels and vacation home rentals that might be a better option for those on a Bamenda vacation.

Ayaba Hotel Bamenda: Located on the east side of the city, this is the largest Bamenda hotel. It is a very luxurious looking Bamenda hotel with quality services. Expect the best paintings, clean water, and clean furniture. Wi-Fi is available at the reception, plus the Ayaba hotel rooms have air conditioning. There is a swimming pool with the water being very clean.

Mondial hotels Bamenda

Pelican Hotel Bamenda: Located some 200m from Ntarikon Market on Wum Road Bamenda.

Top star hotel Bamenda: Located along cow street Bamenda.

Blue Pear Hotel, Bamenda: Located at S Bend Mile 3 miles Mankon.

Mawa Hotel Bamenda: Located at Mile 6 Nkwen on the northeast end of town. This multi-storey Bamenda hotel offers a nice bar, cool pool and fast wifi.

Admiralty Serviced Apartments: Located near Grande Raccordo Anulare New Road Bamnda. This facility is probably the newest Bamenda accommodation and offers clean rooms, a bar and dining rooms.

4 Expert advice for an unforgettable trip to Bamenda, Cameroon

Here are some Bamenda vacation tips to help you make the most of your Bamenda vacation:

Learn some Pidgin English words: The most widely spoken Bamenda language is the Pidgin English. Your trip to Bamenda Cameroon will be more enjoyable if you learn a few words in Pidgin English to help you communicate and understand well with the locals.

Carry comfortable shoes: Be sure to wear comfortable shoes suitable for walking on uneven ground since Bamenda is a hilly city.

Taste Street Foods: With many delicious treats and snacks being sold on the street, Bamenda offers a vibrant street food scene. Be sure to try some of the local Bamenda foods such as grilled meat skewers and roasted plantains.

Respect Bamenda customs and traditions: Bamenda is a historic city with rich cultures and traditions. When visiting Bamenda religious sites, be sure to dress modestly and respect local customs.

A note from Allo Traveller

Bamenda Cameroon remains a hidden gem waiting to be explored. With its delicious cuisine, rich culture, and extraordinary natural beauty, this Cameroon city has something for everyone that visits. Whether you're a history buff, foodie, or nature lover, there's plenty to do and see in this charming Cameroon city. So, wait no more! Travel to Bamenda today and explore its attractions for yourself!


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