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Ultimate Bertuoa Cameroon Travel Guide

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Bertoua Cameroon is a beautiful city located about 253 km east of the nation’s capital, Yaoundé.  Bertuoa Cameroon is dominated by large trees, with almost 1,500 species of plants and above 500 species of animals and Bertuoa offers many other theme activities such as photo safaris, hunting, ecotourism, trekking and so much more.

The capital of the Eastern Region of Cameroon is Bertuoa and also capital of the department of Lom-et-Djerem. It is the traditional homeland of the Gbaya people and as of the 2005 census, has a population of 88,462 people. The city is home to the Cameroon Mission (known in Polish as: Misja Cameroon) of the Polish Dominican Order and an airport.

In the year 2014, the Bertoua hospital became popular for its work providing medical care to refugees entering Cameroon in border towns such as Gbiti from the Central African Republic. Bertuoa is an ideal medium-sized city that is definitely worth visiting, with an area of 100 square kilometers. You travel on a budget to Bertuoa thanks to cheap accommodation prices. Therefore if you are looking to travel across Cameroon and places near Bertoua, we suggest you use Bertoua as a base camp.

Bertoua is is less than 717 meters high above mean sea level (MAMSL). That's why Bertoua is the perfect place if you love mountain rails on a vacation exploring Cameroon or want to travel to high altitudes on your next trip to Cameroon. You may equally travel to really interesting places in Cameroon such as Center, South Region and Adamawa, if you want to visit places near Bertoua Cameroon.

Is Bertoua Cameroon to visit?

Yes; Bertuoa Cameroon is very safe to visit! The crime rate in Bertuoa has decreased in recent years. You can feel safe walking around during the day. Walking at night is not recommended. The probability of a robbery in Bertoua Cameroon is minimal, given you do not cause a dangerous situation. I recommend you do not leave items in the car, to avoid them being stolen. The chances of hearing sexual harassment or insults are very low. Digital nomads and tourists with a different ethnic origin, skin colour, or religion can feel safe because Bertoua Cameroon is a tolerant city.

Ideal time to visit Bertoua Cameroon

May to July and November is the best time to visit Bertoua Cameroon. During this period, there is little rainfall and warm temperatures. The lowest average temperature in Bertoua is 26 °C in August and highest is 30 °C in February. In Bertoua Cameroon, the dry season is hot, humid, and mostly cloudy while the wet season is hot, oppressive, and overcast. Throughout the year, temperatures rarely falling below 15°C or exceeding 30°C, they usually range from 18 to 30°C.

11 fun things to do in Bertoua Cameroon

Looking for adventure activities in Bertoua Cameroon? You will find several adventurous things to do in Bertoua Cameroon. The list is endless and includes canoeing, rafting, skydiving, snorkeling, and rock climbing. This Allotraveller list of best things to do in Bertuoa Cameroon shows you special Bertoua travel activities for tourist and digital nomads. For more details contact Allotraveller travel agent.

Experience the Baka pygmies:

One of the last remaining hunter-gatherer (forest) societies in the world are the Baka pygmies. You and your team will enjoy learning about their way of life and spending time with them, as they are friendly and intimate people. It is the largest group of pygmies with around 40,000 individuals. They have lived for a long time without any contact with the outside world, as they are protected and surrounded by the forest that is also their food source, spiritual mother and habitat.

From an early age, Baka youths are introduced to forestry activities and take an active role in camp life. The days are dedicated to pygmy activities and the nights are dedicated to group dances, songs and games that bring families together around a bonfire. Thus, through the Djengui dance, tourist on a Bertuoa vacation to Cameroon will have the opportunity to dance, sing and connect with the spirits of the forest in an unforgettable setting.

Like that of other pygmy, the music of the Baka ethnic groups testifies to an exemplary particularity: the songs characterize everyday life and are so complex. In counterpoint and through their musical element, combinations of shot-sung melodies present in different cultures, they explored the universe of music and sound, according to ethnomusicologist Simba Arom. The cultural songs are very beautiful and entertaining.

Go on safari:

Bertoua Cameroon is home to some of the best safari parks and you’ll will love getting personal and up close with some of the native wildlife.

Visit the Dja Wildlife reserve:

The Dja Reserve was established in 1950 and is located between the southern and eastern regions, covering an area of almost 526,000 hectares. The dense humid forests of the Congo Basin incorporates the Dja Nature Reserve, which has an extraordinary abundance of animal and plant species. This large assemblage represents one of the best and largest protected 990% of which is still intact) humid forests in Africa. The reserve is natural and accommodates the variety of primates that live there since it is practically surrounded by the Dja River.

UNESCO decided in 1987 to include it on the World Heritage Site due to its state of conservation and diversity of species. Lovers of nature will be delighted to explore the incredible natural wonders of Cameroon in particular and even of Africa. The reserve is home to gorillas, elephants and other endangered species. Learning about the work of keep these animals safe will be interesting for all Bertuoa visitors.

Camp in the rainforest:

One of the largest rainforests in Africa is situated in Bertuoa Cameroon. Camping in this pristine environment will be an unforgettable experience for all those on a Bertuoa vacation.

Visit the Cascade de Kika Waterfall:

You will be amazed by this spectacular kid friendly waterfall. You can take a dip in the river if you're feeling adventurous or cool off in the pool at the foot of the waterfall.

Hike in the tropical rainforest:

The best hiking trails in Cameroon can be seen in Bertuoa. Bertuoa tourist and digital nomads will love exploring the diverse fauna and flora of the rainforest.

Explore Waza National Park:

This Bertuoa wildlife reserve is home to elephants, lions, and other African wildlife species. You will enjoy getting personal and up close with some of the animals.

Go bird watching:

Bertoua Cameroon is home to many species of birds and you will enjoy seeing all of them.

Take a boat trip in River Niger:

You will enjoy exploring the Niger River and taking in the sights and sounds of the surrounding bushes.

Experience the National Zoo of Cameroon:

The Bertuoa zoo houses a variety of animals, including elephants, tigers, and lions. You will enjoy seeing the varieties of animals up close.

Explore Lobeke National Park:

This Bertuoa Cameroon wildlife reserve was established as a nature reserve in 1932 and declared a national park in 1968. It is located in the northern region near the border with Chad. It is part of a complex of protected areas in the north with the national parks of Faro and Benoue covering an area of 220,000 hectares. It forms the Sena-Bouba-Ndjidda binational complex as it borders the Sena-Oura National Park in Chad. Nearby is one of the largest monuments in the world called the prehistoric site of Managna, with hundreds of dinosaur footprints.

Best Bertuoa Hotels and Guest House

MansaL Hotel: One of the best place to stay in Bertoua Cameroon. Comfortable with hot water to shower.

Hotel de Paris: This top Bertuoa hotel is 12000 per room and overall you will enjoy your Bertuoa vacation if stay in this fine resort. It's quiet, has a restaurant, a nice bar and hot water. Also you will find an open bar about 100m away just across the road with excellent food.

Phoenix Palace Hotel: This amazing Bertuoa hotels makes the ideal place to stay during your vacation to Cameroon! It offers a nice restaurant and lively bar with cold beers. There is a problem with electricity, but the kitchen serves good food.

Other beautiful Bertuoa hotels and guest houses include; Hotel Talma, Motel Le Relais, Hotel Pentagone, Hotel Baran, Residence Des Cherubins and Hotel Ma'aco.

Best shops in Bertuoa

These famous Bertuoa shop offer all accessories including foreign and local made. You will find these shops very affordable and items sold here guaranteed!

  • Marche Doumbi
  • GTC
  • Bertua 2

Best Bertoua restaurants

These classic Bertuoa restaurants offer Cameroon foods and even foreign dishes. There is something to eat for all in these Bertuoa hotels. 2 of the best Bertuoa restaurants selling the most delicious Cameroon foods include:

  • Sale Le Delice Sucre
  • Soleil d'Epices

Note from Allo Traveller:

Bertoua Cameroon is a very vibrant and event filled city that will thrill all visitors no matter their desires! Looking for a wealth of traditions and rituals, lush forests teeming with exotic wildlife, delicious cuisine, vibrant nightlife, towering temples, vibrant cities and idyllic beaches? Bertoua is everything and more. There are so many fun Bertoua tourist activities to do while visiting the Cameroon. Allo Traveller will help you plan your trip to Bertoua and help you enjoy all the exciting and adventurous Bertuoa activities to make your Bertuoa vacation even more memorable.


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