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Ultimate Buea Cameroon Travel Guide

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The images that comes to your mind immediately you think of traveling to Buea Cameroon are idyllic beaches, delicious Buea foods, awe-inspiring temples, verdant forests with exotic wildlife, exciting cities, vibrant nightlife, and rituals and rich traditions that recall its brilliant past. Buea Cameroon is all this and much more. When you visit Cameroon as a tourist or digital nomad, you will find so many exciting things to do in Buea. This Allo Traveller ultimate Buea Cameroon travel guide will help you plan your trip to Buea Cameroon and help you enjoy all the exciting and adventurous Buea attractions to make your Buea vacation even more memorable.

The capital of the South West Region of Cameroon is Buea (Gbea/ Bakweri). Buea was the seat of the German Cameroons in the early 20th century and still has some interesting colonial buildings. This city is located at the foot of Mount Cameroon. The city has a population of 90,088 (according to the 2005 census) and is located on the eastern slope of Mount Cameroon. About 150 thousands people live in Buea Cameron (including the cities of Buasa; Bomaka; Mile 14 (Dibanda); Bonjongo; Mile 17; Mile 15; Tole; Bova; Mile 16 (Bolifamba); Likombe; Bokwawongo, Muea and surrounding villages).

What is the best time to visit Buea Cameroon?

When planning your trip to Buea Cameroon, you may get worried about the influx of digital nomad and tourists (Buea crowds). When you can fully explore the Buea experience without inconveniences will be the best time to go for a Buea vacation. During such times, the weather supports the best things to do in Buea. If you are considering when to take a trip to Buea Cameroon, then the ideal time will be when you can live an unforgettable experience without worrying about small problems.

In Buea Cameroon, the dry season is hot and mostly cloudy, and it is oppressive year round while the wet season is mild and overcast. Throughout the year, temperatures rarely drop below 18°C or exceed 28°C and generally range from 20°C to 28°C. The best time to visit Buea Cameroon for warm weather activities is from late November to early February according to the tourist rating.

How to get into Buea?

Buea can be reached by land using private vehicles or local transport vehicles that are commonly called Clandos or public transport buses. You enter the Buea by land by taking the Mutengene-Buea highway. The outskirts of Mile 14 and Mile 16 are the first areas you will come across.

10 exciting things to do in Buea Cameroon

The best Buea attractions will entertain everyone visiting Buea. Here is a list of best things to do in Buea Cameroon:

Climb Mount Cameroon:

Equally known as the Chariot of the Gods, it is located in Buea. Mount Cameroon Buea is at 4100 meters is not only the most active volcano mountain but also the highest mountain in West Africa. The last volcanic eruption of mount Cameroon was in 2000. Climbing Mount Cameroon is possible throughout the year, but asa result of the poor weather during rainy season, it is safer between the months of November and March. However, without an experienced guide, it is not recommended to climb the mountain. An annual televised foot race held on Mount Cameroon in the southwestern region of Cameroon called The Mount Cameroon Hope Race takes place in January or February.

The Limbe Wildlife Center:

Limbe Cameroon was founded by the British missionary Alfred Saker in 1858 on the southern slopes of Mount Cameroon. Limbe is a coastal city in the southwestern region of Cameroon. The population was 84,223 at the 2005 census.

Down Beach Limbe Cameroon:

Down beach Limbe is a very famous beach in Cameroon and is also known as Black Sand Beach. The sand here is very pleasant to walk on, dark brown, and very fine. The view of the Limbe beach is very beautiful and it is a great place to watch the sunset and sunrise.

The Limbe Botanical Garden:

Limbe was founded by the British missionary Alfred Saker in 1858 on the southern slopes of Mount Cameroon Buea. Limbe is a coastal city in the southwestern region of Cameroon. The population was 84,223 at the 2005 census.

Bimbia limbe:

This is an independent state of Cameroon’s Isubu people. In 1884 it was incorporated into the Cameroonian colony after being annexed by Germany. It is located in the southwestern region, west of the Wouri estuary and south of Mount Cameroon. Located on the Limbe district east coast. The population of Bimbia was around 2,500 people and consists of three villages: Ngombe Bona Dikolo Bona Bille In 1932. Bimbia was the first place where English Baptist missionaries, led by the Reverend Alfred Saker, Jamaican and the white from Fernando Po in 1858 set foot on the Cameroon coast for the first time.

Kumba Market:

Equally known as K-town, Kumba is a city in the southwestern region of western Cameroon. Kumba has a population of approximately 400 thousands of whom approximately 75% are young people. The population increase is due to a decreased infant mortality and increased birth rates due to migration and improved child health care. The N16 and N8 roads meet at Kumba south west region.

Von Puttkamer Castle:

The residence of Jesko von Puttkamer bears witness to the German colonial era in Cameroon. Former German Governor Jesko von Puttkamer built this palace in 1920. It now serves as the presidential palace. Legend has it that, the governor's widow would go around the house playing the piano when night fell.

Bismarck Fountain:

This place was built in 1899 and dedicated to Otto von Bismarck the first chancellor of the new German Empire.

Golden Jubilee Monument Buea:

Though heavily guarded, it is beautiful, very colorful and neat place to take your kids to. Drinks are not allowed, Food is not allowed, access is free but you have to pay to take pictures. Golden Jubilee Monument Buea Cameroon was inaugurated on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 by His Excellency Paul BIYA the President of the Republic. This dignified monument commemorating the reunification of to the applause of the people of Buea and a host of national dignitaries who attended the occasion. This impressive structure is constructed of metal cylinders and concrete, with the main unit being the Cameroonian Reunification and Independence Celebration logo.

Molyko Omnisport Stadium Buea:

Currently it is mainly used for football matches. The Molyko Omnisport Stadium Buea, Cameroon is a multi-purpose stadium in. It serves as the home stadium of FC Mount Cameroon. The stadium holds 15,000 people with 3,200 seats. The turf is made with natural grass and is located in the Molyko neighborhood of Buea Cameroon.

Where to buy in Buea Cameroon?

Some of the best places to shop in Buea include:

  • Covenant Plaza, a one-stop shop.
  • Njieforbi supermarkets Buea.
  • Lamires Shop, a fashion store.

4 best Buea foods for tourist and digital nomads

The most popular Buea dishes include:

Ndolé: Traditionally prepared with a decoction of melon seeds, peanuts, and bitter leaves, Ndolé is one of Cameroon's two national dishes. Seasoned with hot oil and spices, Ndolé can be prepared with meat and fish.

Ekwang: A popular Cameroonian food; Ekwang consist of grated cocoyam tied with cocoyam leaves and then simmered with various spices, palm oil, and prawns.

Eru: A Cameroonian soup eru is made from the wild plant of the same name called eru, which is crushed or ground before boiling with beef skin or shrimp, spinach, palm oil, and beef, water leaves.

Penja Pepper: Penja pepper is a traditional type of pepper native to the Koupé Manengouba and Moungo regions of Cameroon. The flavor comes from the Piper nigrum berries, a plant with a strong, spicy flavor.

3 best Buea restaurants

Some of the best Buea restaurants selling the best Buea foods include:

  • Silver Back restaurant Buea Cameroon.
  • 48 Spices restaurant: This restaurant has a famous barbecue specialty.
  • Mountain Ice Cream shop.
  • Setup Restaurant Buea Cameroon.

Best places to drink in Buea Cameroon

Some of the best Buea snack bars offer the best drinks both local and foreign that will be loved by all Buea visitors.

  • Marina Dining and Lounge, Bar.
  • Games and ice cream center.
  • Stations 89 hotels.

Best Buea hotels and guest homes

The best Buea hotels and vacation home rentals offer beautiful and comfortable rooms to stay with free WiFi.

  • Chariot Hotel Buea Cameroon.
  • Mountain hotel: This Buea hotel has a swimming pool and is located in an area that helps its employees to cool off and also offers easy Internet connection via free Wi-Fi.
  • Rhema guest House.
  • HollyKen Hotel.
  • WDC apartment hotel.
  • GG12:2 Guest House.
  • Presbyterian guest house.
  • Prestige Lounge Guest House.
  • Miss Bright Hotel.
  • Saint Claire Hotel.
  • Parliamentarian Flats Hotel Buea.
  • Hotel Mariton Buea.
  • Executive hotels.
  • Saga City Hostel Buea.
  • Mermoz Hotel.
  • The Capitol Hotel residence.

Note from Allo Traveller:

Buea is the one of the popular Cameroon towns with a population of 300,000 and is situated on the eastern slope of Mount Cameroon. It has two government hotels, the Palamenterian Flats Hotel and the Mountain Hotel, which are close to the government housing area. While visiting you will find many adventurous things to do Buea. The list includes canoeing, snorkeling, skydiving, white water rafting, rock climbing and the list goes on.


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